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KAIMA is the story of a planet being eaten away by monsters, and a girl determined to survive. this game was made over the course of 2 months, so it's pretty short to run through, probably no more than an hour to see everything. there are 5 endings (one is a secret!)

CONTENT WARNING: strong language, violence, cannibalism, and character death. occasional screen shakes and flashes during certain scenes.

you can get a higher quality version of the soundtrack with bonus tracks over on bandcamp!

you can find more of my work HERE and hey if you're into my stuff and want to throw money at me, maybe support me on patreon!


  • 9/21/16 - uploaded spanish translation
  • 8/3/16 - uploaded korean translation
  • 7/25/16 - fixed "ghost illi" glitch

More information

Published176 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, 8-bit, chiptune, Female Protagonist, LGBT, Multiple Endings, Pixel Art, RPGMaker, Story Rich
Average durationAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian, Korean
Player countSingleplayer


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KAIMA.zip 206 MB
KAIMA - no rtp.zip 17 MB
KAIMA soundtrack 30 MB
KAIMA.zip (korean) 17 MB
KAIMA.rar (spanish) 99 MB
KAIMA art collection+guide.pdf 7 MB if you pay $3.00 USD or more


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This was really cool <3 You used the RPG framework in really interesting ways & it was cool how many different paths were in such a short game. The writing of the soulless character was rly interesting and something I've never seen before. The art was also super pretty. Thanks for this game!

This is the fourth game i played that you created and all the games i played were so cool

I came here by a page that translate games (english-spanish) but I can't find the spanish version (I don't really know too much english </3)

if you click "download now" there is a file called "KAIMA.rar (spanish)", that's the one you want!

Thanks <3

This game was really fun to play. The story seems really cool. I've seen this game before, so I'm glad I finally played it.

I really enjoyed the game and asked the subs to check out your patreon.

Take a look at the video if you like!


48 mins to complete this game :)

nice job nomnomnami :D

if VIDO and EZEL was be playable characters?

Oh that would be sooo cool!

Excellent game. The storyline though short, is phenomenal. I like how the creator has added the RPG element to it, which fits right in and nicely.

When you spend hours and hours digging through itch.io and gamejolt, and you find little gems like these, it makes the digging worthwhile. Your game is incredibly touching for something that looks so simple, and is by far one of my favourite on itch.io! (Sorry if the punctuation makes me seem like soulless Searina)

Hey, Nami! Me and my friend thinking about making a rpg maker game about next year. So can you help me ? I just have a question.

What programs do you use for your rpg maker games? Can you tell me all programs?

Thanks a lot! And keep up the great work!

sure! i used vx ace for all the ones i released by the new one, mv, is compatible with mac and stuff so i'm switching to it for wider availability. for art i use paint tool sai and clip studio paint, and for music i use fl studio 12.

good luck!!

Thank you so much! I really love you <3

...Is it bad that I found the hard vore undertones in the game the thing that compelled me the most? <.<


How do you get the true ending???

This game made me so happy, i've never found a game where i just loved the characters, and i had a connection to them. I just wish it was longer. i look forward to playing your other games. this one was pretty amazing

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I fucking LOVED this game and the way it made me feel. <3 Also, I found all the endings. I am very proud of myself! =D

Nami this game was Amazing and it really touched my heart, this game had a positive affect on me and I am grateful for it. So thank you!

Game is Amazing

Nooooooooooo, only for windows D=

i'll be porting it to other systems at some point in the future :D

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I use winebottler for rpgmaker games because I play on a mac!

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So, does anyone have any hints on how to get the Secret Ending? I got all the other ones so far (True, Normal, Indifferent, Bad), but I can't figure out how to get the Secret Ending. I figure it has something to do with leaving Illi behind in the behind, but I just get instantly murdered by Vido if I try to do that... I suppose more exploration is in order.

Edit: Also, I'd definitely like to point out that this is a fun game. A bit short for my liking, but it was still an interesting experience. I especially like the cutesy art juxtaposed with all the death and cannibalism and whatnot. Great story, great characters, and, of course, great yuri... I suppose that last one's subjective, but I still liked the yuri even if it was a bit... murder-y.

If you want to get the Secret Ending, it is a secret path way at the beginning of the game, I will not tell you exactly where it is nor will I tell you what happens in it. Just know it is a secret path way in the beginning and you will be fine. OK!

Heh, I noticed that pathway the first time I played the game, but I messed up and hit a World-Eating Monster so I figured it wouldn't work... turns out it does though! Thanks for the help!

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Your welcome, to tell you the truth I didn't know about it until I looked it up in a video I had a lot of trouble finding it myself ;) so it doesn't matter. BUT... THERE IS ONE THING I'D LIKE TO ASK YOU..... Will you be my friend or not? Just so you know you don't have to be my friend if you don't what to.


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Yes you can! :) But the thing is I don't know how to friend people because I'm new. >:( So if you could do it for me I wound REALLY appreciate it. x)

I can try because I dont know how to also :(

This game is really different apart from your other games, in the leanguage, the Playstyle and "the Feeling"

But thats actually a Good thing i REALLY enjoyed the Games and have explored all the Endings (the Secret one was my first Ending :D)

I dont want to Spoil anything but that part before the "Good Ending" was really exciting.

Keep up the good work! :)

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