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KAIMA is the story of a planet being eaten away by monsters, and a girl determined to survive.

this game was made over the course of 2 months, so it's pretty short to run through--takes an hour or so to see everything. there are 5 endings (one is a secret!)

strong language, violence, cannibalism, and character death. occasional screen shakes and flashes during certain scenes.

you can get a higher quality version of the soundtrack with bonus tracks on LydianChord's page!


  • art+story - NomnomNami
  • music - LydianChord and NomnomNami

* translations *
Español - Fay
Français - mapledinosaur
Português - MOON-XP
Italiano - Martina Piras
Русский - Project Gardares
українська - Ron_Dallas
한국어 - KyleHeren
简体中文 - Mimosa
Türkçe - wds / Yağmur ÖZTÜRK


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KAIMA.zip 206 MB
KAIMA - no rtp.zip 17 MB
KAIMA soundtrack 30 MB
KAIMA (Español) 99 MB
KAIMA (Français) 18 MB
KAIMA (Português) 18 MB
Кайма (Русский) 16 MB
KAIMA (українська) 17 MB
KAIMA (한국어) 17 MB
KAIMA (Italiano) 17 MB
KAIMA (Türkçe) 17 MB
KAIMA (简体中文) 19 MB
KAIMA art collection+guide.pdf 7.2 MB
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A very nice little game. I had fun! Thanks for making it Nami!

Very interesting story and concept! I would definitely play a longer version of this! <3

Rather short but sweet little game, i enjoy (^:]>

this was a great little game. i enjoyed it very much.

Really loved the main characters idgaf and blunt nature at times. Lead to some really interesting and funny interactions! 

Cute demon girls <3


How can l install the language file

did you succeed yet?


Cute game with a perfectly fitting and atmospheric soundtrack. Character design and sprites are just adorable and great too. However, the story feels very discombobulated and overall quite generic. The few interestic story threads feel left loose and not extended to their full potential. The gameplay was good, but nothing to write home about; generic much like the story.  Also wish that the game was available in fullscreen. Overall 3/5 stars

it is fullscreen, just alt enter


A great game! That's how everyone should make games with RPG Maker! Simple, short, fun, sweet and with cute graphics and music! Well done! 5\5


Soulless characters are REALLY funny

I don't know what this game was, but I liked it a lot xd!

cool game with cool endings


really late but this game is super neat! very bitesized and I enjoyed getting all the endings.



how do you go back in stuck in the character profile


I'm having the same issue


Nevermind, if you're playing on pc or computer click 0



I wanted to tell you that I love this game very much and I would like to ask you?

Have you ever thought of making a sequel or spin-off of this game?

Just to learn more about the world and lore or the afterstories of the main characters<3

I really love this game<3<3.


Hello, I played your game today and I loved it! Characters are adorable and it was a fun experience :) 

(1 edit) (+2)

Searina looks a lot like the Overlord from Bad End Theater. Hmm... I wonder if there could be a connection, considering some of the dialogue at the end.


how do I change it to russian translation? It is not a zip file.. 

у вас получилось? если да то как?

I put this game on my video about 10 Best RPG Maker Games on JoiPlay Emulator If you don't know what JoiPlay is, JoiPlay is a Emulator to play RPG Maker games on Android


I get really nervous at the idea of playing RPGs for some reason, but so far, I have loved all of yours! I played about half of the Wolf Treat series and all your RPGs are short and sweet, not overwhelming but still has a great story line and of course, your character design is impeccable! Love every game I have played so far, going to play bad end theatre soon :D


can i speed run this?

yeah go right ahead!


dream speedrunning music intensifies

This game gave me The Gray Garden vibes and Mogeko Castle vibes ngl

Every single game of yours is lovely and cute. Short and sweet. It made me feel something... Really looking forward to new Lonely Wolf :3


It took me about half an hour to get 3 endings. I really enjoyed this short RPG. Can't get much better than lesbian demons and automatic crits.


I really enjoyed this game! It left a good impression on me for such a small little journey. :) I only got 3 endings (true, indifferent, and bad end) but I had a fun time and really liked all of the character designs. <3

(1 edit) (+1)

I love the idea of little micro-RPGs like this, but I like how you manage to squeeze the most out of a small amount of materials, so to speak. Very cool, cute, and fun. :)


This was a fun li' jaunt - the art is the strongest point, Searina is a really great character design and I wish she would be in a lot of stuff! I like her attitude, even in her predicament.

I got the bad, indifferent, and true ends. Anybody got any tips for the other two?

you can get the "normal end" by going straight to Vido and killing him

not sure about how to get the other one though

For the secret end go to the little free space thing at the start and keep going until u see Vido and Illis frozen sister


Please Mae More Games Like These!



This Game Was Amazing!

However, I Discovered Something And Wanted To Let You Know That If You Go To The Graphics And Audio Folders,

There Are Images And Audio That Are For The RPG Maker,

If You Delete Them, The Game Isn't Effected, And The Folder Size Gets Smaller By 100+MB.

However, Deleting In-Game Graphics Cause An Error.

This is my favourite game of yours. I played it when it first came out, and recently, I gave it another whirl. Made a couple videos, too :)


I played all your games and this is the most favorite one! And to be fair, it's also one of the most atypical of your games. Please, consider making more games like this one!


thank you so much!! this game is really underappreciated so i'm really happy to hear this...! i started making a sequel a long time ago but i haven't figured out the ending yet. i'd like to finish it one day :)

Very cool game! Amazing pixel art and soundtrack. Very lovable characters.


The secret ending was unexpected... XD

This game is amazing. The graphics, the soundtrack, the characters and even the color palette! When I first started, I though it was too short, but starting over and finding the other endings was such fun! I truly fell in love with this game, even if it's a simple story, I love it! the way you interpreted it is what made it so unique and special. Keep up the good work, this game will stay in my heart for years surely.

oof im trying hard to get the true end but im confused as to how lol. Do i not kill anyone?


this is so cute! my only problem is that at the end there is a glitch where i can't reclaim my soul :(((( so i can't see the true ending! 

I cant save my game whyyyyy

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