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Wouldn't let me kiss the hot demon chick. :C

How do u get the bad ending that Nami wouldn't mind u skipping??!!?!?!?

I dont want to post spoilers but....lets say a bad end would be not accomplishing your goal?? like, at all??

I've done that by talking to the demon but I didn't get the really bad ending seashell just tell me plz.

....try giving up a bit earlier than that :/


Aww! This game was so cute. I love that this was set in the same world as Syrup. Looking forward to future games!

Hello! I am the leader of the new translation team: "Keepers of Time".

We would like to translate this game into Russian if you give us your permission.

Please contact me:

That was neat! Very much in the style of Syrup. Adorable characters, cuteness all over, I love it ^_^  It's the kind of game that makes me sad that not all characters are winnable because rare are the ones I'm not curious about :D

Super cute game with a great soundtrack.

So cute, I might die.

Hiiii! You probably get this question a lot, but what program do you use? Sorry to bother you!

Aaah just read you FAQ on your blog and its on there!! Should have checked that first haha

oh no worries! glad it was easy to find. always happy when people are interested in making this style of game!

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I really loved how you made the art style its super adorable! i also love all the personality of the characters!~ I hope you wouldnt mind i did make a video on this ~ Id love if youd check it out!

Hello~ I thought this game looked super cute and thought I would do a let's play of it~ Since I loved your game so much, I thought I would share it with you~

Super cute art and characters!

Bonding through fandom, that was so cute


Really cute game! Love the art, character and it's such a cute concept, too!
Cheered me up playing it, and it was fun getting all the endings! Nice work!!

i made a little vidoe from the demo


loved this game - all the endings we're so sweet.


The endings were so great, but Baezel's ending was my favorite. All your visual novels are so great and cute, Nami!


thank you!! i'm so glad to hear it!!!


i would love to get this if i had any money


it's free actually!



Another great visual novel from Nami :) Very cute! I didn't play through all the endings yet, but so far I love Jams'. It kinda became my headcanon XD

Anywho, I made a let's play of this one as well. Purposefully missed an ending so others will give it a shot, which I hope they do!

please reply to me

um name my friend techling wants some help from u to become a good game desighner


LOL wut? She is a good game designer.


Very cute! The Baezel ending was very unexpected, I loved it! The art work is adorable and the characters, even the ones that you only see for a minute, are interesting. It just makes me wish for more games with those characters in it. Wonderful!

Short, but super cute!

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For some reason on the English version the text isn't appearing for me.

oh no! which file did you download? that might have something to do with it...?

The windows file like I always do.

hmm, how odd... i honestly have never heard of this happening so i don't know what to say to help fix it @_@

If helps it appears when I play the Korean version.

hmm the only thing i can think of is if you have it set to korean on that one and then open the original download it will still think you want korean text, but since there's no translation files in the original it leaves the text blank. so you could try setting it to english in the korean version, then open the original one so it has the correct font? sorry that this is so much trouble, i had to work around a bug by uploading two separate builds.

If I wanted to translate your work to another language, what would I need? I am not very familiar with renpy, but I'm an ace at translating things from English to Spanish and vice versa!

oh, someone is already translating it to spanish! but thanks anyway <3

Awww, okay. Hope it's a good translation!

This game is so incredibly cute! The art is adorable - I just love Marzipan's entire design, so cute! And it was really fun seeing the characters that pop up at the snack table - and everything works together for a cute, fun atmosphere. As perfect as the Jam ending is, my favorite ending is Baezel's! I'm so glad Marzipan could use her magic to make his dream come true. :)

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I had a lot of fun with this game there's very little, but still quality spicy memes.

Hi, so I just wanted to say that I really like the games you make. They have their adorable style, atmosphere, stories. Everything is put together so well. And this game is no exception. I liked it a lot, the characters are charming, and not only the main ones. Some romances and reasons and silly enough sometimes but not in a bad way. The game gives a nice feeling of warmth after playing. And that's just what we all need sometimes :) SO once again, I had a lot of fun playing your game, endings are lovely. Keep what you're doing, good luck with future projects. And have a nice day ^_^

lol lethal cuteness xD

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Yassssss! I'm so glad you made another game for Halloween! I played through Jam's ending, and I can't wait to play through the others! You are a wonderful game designer Nami, and DarkChibiShadow did a fantastic job on the background! Sooooo beautiful! <3 As always, I hope you like the voices! I kind of panicked because the characters are so cute, I didn't feel like I made them as adorable as they should be ;n;

Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Another great and pleasent experience from Nami. The art style as always is well done, the music is nice for the world, and the story is happily cute. I have been a fan of Nami's style since Lonely Wolf Treat. She creates bright and colorful worlds with interesting characters with their own personalities and traits. Combine that with her awesome art style and these characters really sound the way they look, or is it the other way around? I don't know, the point is her games are always a treat to play. I managed to complete all four possible endings even though one I despised because it resulted in a "bad ending." But all in all another creative visual novel and I can't wait to see what Nami creates next. I did a video on my experience with the game with all four endings if anyone is interested.

WHO WILL MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE? | First Kiss at a Spooky Soiree

This was an absolute treat to play, like all of your other games.

This one is probably the most adorable though. Jam end = best end, but I really liked the incubus one too~

Thank you for making this!!!

This was absurdly cute, and the art and color scheme are all gorgeous! I got the quitter end and felt terrible! I can't get over how great these backgrounds are! Thank you for making this! :D

Adorable! I didn't go for the bad end but all the others were lovely!

Adorable! Jam end was the best end! :D You inspire me to make visual novels too! <3

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Another cute game from nami! I managed to get all four endings (couldn't decide whose was better between Jam's and Baezel's honestly). The music was adorable, and I really like the characters. It always makes me super happy when something new comes out. ^^ Thank you for making this!


I'm so so excited to see this game together and so honored to have been able to help out. I'm so proud of the finished look and am just so glad such a fun and energetic game now exists! Absolutely stunning and a joy to play!

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