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I loved it!!! But isn't there an ending for chirval? I tried for ages lol T-T

there's no chirval end at the moment unfortunately! but i'm planning on releasing this game for mobile later this year so i think i'll be able to add it ;)

thanks for the reply! yay i'm looking forward to it!! <3 good luck with releasing the game. u can be certain that at least one person is going to support it haha!! ❤️


This is the cutest hecking halloween rpg/visual novel I've ever played and i want more of this pls. lovely beautiful characters and I'm jelly they're so unique and adorable!!! Wishing I could be as good as you at making beautiful characters like that ;;; Thank you so much for making my day with this game!


YEET I GOT EVERY ENDING jam is best girl, change my mind

Hey there Nami!

I was wondering if you could make a mobile version of this little gem in visual novels, or if you could tell us if you plan to in the future.




i'm planning on releasing mobile versions of all my visual novels, don't worry! this one is currently scheduled for october~

a spooky game scheduled for the month of the spook, very nice

omg i love this! its so cute i love all the endings and the art!! <3


Do you have any chance of translating into Portuguese? ;-;

i have someone working on it :)


ive played some of ur games and tbh,theyre all good but this one is just totally  amazing!!keep up the good work famm



made some fanart too  (its the ghost girl)


All endings were super cute. 

I love your artstyle. 

Took me less then 40 mins to get all Endings!

Good time to play during October since is Halloween lol. 

Let's Play


I loved playing your game Nami! I was only able to get Vinegar and Baezel's endings in the first episode, but completed all the other endings in my other installments on this series. The characters are cute as a button; your take on supernatural creatures always puts a smile on my face. This game is adorable and I highly recommend playing it to anyone who is unsure. Download it now, it's worth it!


I made some fanart for this game! I played literally all of your games and I can't wait until you make the game after Dreaming Treat!

I loved all the characters in this!!! :3 I also loved all the pics after every successful ending~

Kinda wished I could have gone after the Hot Demon Chick lol, but I love this game just the same!

Also made a video for it:

A very fun experience. The art style is just beautiful.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Just finished playing the game, It's so cute and a great way to distract yourself along with releasing a bit of stress from your day. If only it had more endings though or just a "Hot Demon Lady Ending" would be enough ;)

I loved this game soooo much, so cute i need more characters!!!


thats me playing the game:

"why dont you 2 just kiss already...?"

"wait, why is there no 'Jam' option?"

"okay, let's try all the options, one by one..."

"the doggie is cute, the zombie is cool, but none is satisfying enough....."

"seriously, I wanna her to kiss Jam! They're obviously made for each other!"

"oh, cool, snacks"





Almas is a genius, thank you very much

I feel bad I can't pay anything, but I really liked the game! It was fun and woot-like.


Really cute :) seeing so many people falling in love with these games 


Hey!!!!! I showed this game to some friends on Discord and everyone LOVED it. Everyone set their icons to different characters in the game multiple times, even the people who never change their icon ever. This game is so so so so SO cute, and absolutely everyone loved it. Yesterday I played Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet with one of the friends and they fell in love with your art immediately. We're gonna start playing the Treat games as well!!!! Thank you!!! <3 <3 <3


this is so sweet ;o; i'm glad you're all having a good time!!! thank you for playing my games!!

Just gays being gays being in love with your art style and also supporting each other emotionally

(Also this is blue-and-confused from tumblr and if u wanna talk lemmie know, I also really want to support you; as I've said before, your art and games has really done a lot for me in so many ways. I'm kinda in the mental hospital rn and having something like your games means the world to me. Plus I'd love to continue to bombard you with questions about your adorable world!!!)


oh hi!!!! sorry i turned my asks off on tumblr, if you have a twitter i can DM you there?

hey!!! yeah, i recently made a twitter. Idk how to like, actually use it very well? but i @'d you. I have the slightly edgy twitter handle of zLearningToLive because depression and stuff. but yeah!!!

Hey there! I just got through playing your game on a viewers request and I thought it was very well thought out. The style is cute and whimsical. Thank you so much for the fun. :D

funny and cute game! keep on making great stuff!!

OMG. This game is so funny and cute.

I like how all the characters look. All of them are have different personality, style, story and even "race". And they look super cute. :3

 Even plot is funny. And the game have few ending, a lot of choices (some even meaningful). Yeah. It's good game to have some fun. :)

oh gosh why lol XD why do i get the weird ending LOL

nice game is so cute

I adored every pairing and every side character so much!! I cried from crippling cuteness 5+ times!! I would also give my life for Baezel. I love the story and i love the main character!!

I personally loved this game to bits. I ship her so much with Jam, it's unreal. I also loved Vinegar a lot. The art is so cute and fits the story perfectly. Cute and fun game! Great job.


Nami!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MARRY ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for this lovely and super cute experience! <3~

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love this game it's so Cute

it was very interesting and suuch cute graphics

Wouldn't let me kiss the hot demon chick. :C

How do u get the bad ending that Nami wouldn't mind u skipping??!!?!?!?

I dont want to post spoilers but....lets say a bad end would be not accomplishing your goal?? like, at all??

I've done that by talking to the demon but I didn't get the really bad ending seashell just tell me plz.

....try giving up a bit earlier than that :/


Aww! This game was so cute. I love that this was set in the same world as Syrup. Looking forward to future games!

Hello! I am the leader of the new translation team: "Keepers of Time".

We would like to translate this game into Russian if you give us your permission.

Please contact me:

That was neat! Very much in the style of Syrup. Adorable characters, cuteness all over, I love it ^_^  It's the kind of game that makes me sad that not all characters are winnable because rare are the ones I'm not curious about :D

Super cute game with a great soundtrack.

So cute, I might die.

Hiiii! You probably get this question a lot, but what program do you use? Sorry to bother you!

Aaah just read you FAQ on your blog and its on there!! Should have checked that first haha

oh no worries! glad it was easy to find. always happy when people are interested in making this style of game!

This is the gayest thing I’ve read all week, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I look at Nami’s work, and it inspires me to be a better artist. I think it’s the future of what games will look like. The content, too, isn’t going away much.

Kratzen gives it 3/5 stars, and Jam’s on the front page. I gotta say, the artist deserves your support. Can’t recommend her enough, and I can’t wait to check out more. The only thing stopping me is trying not to clog up my magazine.

It’s good to see you’re a friend of new devs, too. You might want to open up the source and license it permissively. That way your work will live on and last. Plus, it’s good for business.

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I really loved how you made the art style its super adorable! i also love all the personality of the characters!~ I hope you wouldnt mind i did make a video on this ~ Id love if youd check it out!

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