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Aaaaa that was so cute! I love all the endings (excluding well, kinda 2 or 3 of them but I understand it was for the narrative purposes), I also love the characters on how hilarious they were with their individual quirks and how their relationships formed after Marzipan had their endings (specifically Jam, Periwinkle, and Baezel). Aaaa it was so cute to watch Marzipan stumble, fall, and got embarrassed by how pure her goal was, totally worth playing through it all and getting some second hand embarrassment ahahahaha!


I love this game especially the jam ending


And Baezel!


This game was so cute and each character was so unique that I decided to give voice acting a try with them! It was so much fun to play! Loved it!


Why isn't there an option to claim this? I don't have access to a pc right now so I can't download it. And by the time I do, I'll probably have forgotten about this which is a shame because I really want to play it

Click download now, when you get to the dl page there should be an add to collection option, do that

I love this game on mobile.



So glad to have Thai language

the link doesnt work

HOW? HOW CAN YOU MAKE A GAME SO FREAKING CUTEE!!! AHHHH!!!  I think i might be dieing of cuteness. Luv ya... SO MUCH

i have fallen for succubus boy irl. what have you done.




You claim this Soiree is spooky, yet there is a total of ONE (1) skeleton. Quite intriguing.

AAAAA I enjoyed so much TvT I really loved Baezel's routee :DD Hopefully in the near future, there will be a project like this but longerrr :DD 

We Need Chinese! We want to play this game after Starry Flowers!(oh,sorry,i am a beginner of English)

UR DOING GOOD!!! Practice makes perfect ^o^

Had a great time with this game. I really liked the dialogues and the choices and how it has lots of replayability 

I played this game on mobile before. Very cute art style, loveable characters, and very funny! 10/10 (:

when i download the game i cant open it becuase it says "microsoft protected ur pc" :{

i gotchu right turn off wifi or go to a place with no wifi bOOM NO PROTECTION hope u have a godd day

more info and click run anyways


first kiss! ngl i felt nervous uou


pperiwinkle my eternal beloved.   hes so prettY



It's amazing how the simple idea of having your first kiss at a party turned into such a good VN! I have yet to complete all the routes (I only completed 2, I don't remember their names ahaha) but it's extremely entertaining, exciting and fun. good job!


This was a very adorable game. I enjoyed it a lot. You did a good job at making the choices matter. Can't wait to see what you make next. Keep it up! 


Made a video of it. Anyway I loved the game and went through all the endings! A lot of times with visual novels I just play through them like once or twice but I kept getting drawn back to finishing this one to see the rest of the endings. I liked the ending with Jam the most, I was hoping there was a route with her from the start. Anyway, I have more videos on it going up later this week because I recorded more than one part on it.

Part 2

Part 3
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Part 4

jam is by far my favorite character, awesome game!!


also wish we could see jam's tail more you dont see it until the ending


Made a video about it for french viewers, with my friend! This game is soooo cute! I can't wait to meet more characters ! 

cute halloween game !

This game got me through October 2020. I love it still.

It's getting close to Halloween again, so I decided to show it to some of my friends. Apparently one of them already knew about you.

We played Contract Demon together and I played Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet myself.

Nami, why is it that everything you touch turns to gold?


I wanted that hot demon girl 💔

Lucky for you, there's another visual novel created by the same person! You can't kiss her but if you want more of her, here you go!

are their any male characters? if i can't play as a man i need to know if i can atleast date one. 


if you're concerned about that, this might not be the game for you

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is that a no or yes? im not seeing a clear answer here  

4 of the 8 characters you can kiss are boys

alright thank you

i wanted that hot demon girl </3

i love your all games!

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this game was so cute! from the art to the story. i especially loved the baezeal and jam endings! (also the cameos from kamilla, olog, and eleni)

The game is so cute. The interaction are pretty cute though it is kinda annoying that some choices still lead to the same ending. Still its fun tho.

Also, the presence of Periwinkle is intimidating. Love that guy <3

Another amazing game by the amazing Nami! I got all the endings, it was really sweet and the graphics are gorgeous.

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hello! can i ask how to get to chirval's ending? i couldn't find it on my own and it's the last one i need to complete the game, but there isn't anything about the three new endings in the guide. i really enjoyed the game by the way. i already played it when it first came out but now i'm replaying for the new routes.

ahhh, i know why i can't find it. i checked one of newer playthroughs to see how can i do it, but the option that leads to his ending is absent in the web version of the game!


10/10 i came here to kiss periwinkle and got what i wanted


Got all the endings... It's cute :3

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It's short and sweet and fun, could've been solid 3/5. But it's one of those games that makes you go “huh, this was done better somewhere else...”

The character designs are immeasurably cute. The “cutesy&funny gay Halloween game” thing was better done in the game Halloween House Party by gothcosmos, though, a game which I heavily recommend.  Not that both can't coexist, of course.

I liked most of the endings and characters. Though the Baezel ending is a bit awkward and feels more like the beginning of a long-lasting friendship than the start of a romance, mostly because Baezel looks like a baby, haha.

The lecture Marzipan gives to Chirval about how being fandom obsessed is totally normal and desirable feels a bit… I don’t know… out of place and preachy? I mean, some people take fandom to an extreme and foster toxic behaviour; they also neglect meaningful human interaction and use fandom as an unhealthy coping mechanism. So, being all “leave him with his anime bodypillow collection, he is happy that way” lands like even more of a thud because to get this scene you have to get the Baezel ending in which it’s pretty obvious Baezel isn’t all right with solitude and actually wants friends and maybe even romance and isn’t so happy being alone with his toys. It was as if the game developer was pulling me aside for A Very Special Episode. Just an observation.  

I enjoyed the Olog ending, but its sort of applicability to sex work? It was cool that there was no shame in it or anything of that sort for Marzipan, but the comparison between hiring a sex worker and selling your soul to the netherworld is... huh. 

Periwinkle the bisexual gender non-conforming fashionista was so cute, by the way!  

Usually, I have a favourite ending that becomes the “official” one for me, but I love the Chirval, Poffin, Jam, Vinegar, Periwinkle, and Strudel endings equally.

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hey, no offense, but i think that the lecture that marzipan gives chirval isn't about the fact that being a shut-in fanboy is perfectly okay, it's about the "what if he is ace, aro or maybe not into women", since chirval was trying to set him up with marzipan, so he can "mature" as an incubus, a creature that is known for being sexual. and sure, baezel has shown that he wants to have friends but it's unclear about romance, since he could just be okay to give her kiss as he was roleplaying and repaying her for help. i hope you have a good day ^^!

I love this game its so CUTE : o


This game looks so cute I can't wait to try it

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