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Adobe is planning to kill Flash

 Nami, how about creating self-playing swf? I mean exe file that contains SWF and plays it. This way people will be able to play "Dress Treat" even without installing Flash Player.


that article is from 2017. the swf is downloadable. i'm not really bothered if people aren't able to play it past that point because there are videos of it on youtube so it can be experienced in some form either way.


Okay, sorry for bothering you =(

Deleted 295 days ago

Wont let me install.

it's a flash game so there's nothing to install (unless you mean installing a flash plugin for your browser?) the DL version might work if the web version is giving you trouble.

Cute! I love Treat.

I can't play it

i keep on trying to download it but its having issues, i just thought i would let you know


Hey, Nami? Is it okay if you make a downloadable version? It seems like most browsers are actively trying to stop this game from working. UwU


yeah seems like everything is trying to get rid of flash support :(

i made a DL version, thank you for all you've done to help people play this little game, i really appreciate it.


You're welcome!

It's the least I could do.


cute but needs more items and if we could choose colors that would be great


good i made a adorable charecter


is not loading im sad TT

Some tips?

aaa it helped thank uu~~~ ^^

Welcome! Any time.

you know i had to do it to them treats


omg this game is adorable I love it!

Game does not load, it says.

Adobe flash is requiresd to run this project in browser.


Are you using Chrome?  By default it won't run flash unless you tell it to.  In settings, go to privacy, then content settings, then flash.  Click "add" under the allowed sites and paste the game's address into it!

Thanks, it worked for me :)

I have all of the Lonely Wolf Treat games.
Maybe it's about time I play them.
But tomorrow.
It's 1:59am now.
I should sleep.
Treat needs to sleep too with the sh*t that's happening to her.

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This is what happens when I have to entertain myself.

What am I doing with my life?
...Having more fun than I was expecting!
P.S. I got it working in Chrome! It just takes some effort.

I'ma give instructions in reply.


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What you're going to need to do is tell Chrome that Flash can use this page.
Normally it does it by itself, but this site seems to be a bit derpy.

You need to go into the plugins page and find the flash player. You should see a blocked page section and an allowed page section.
Just click "add" next to the "allow" section and slip the URL into the box.
If for some reason you don't know what the URL is, here ya go!

You may have to download an extension that allows you to get to the plugins page, but you should be able to reach The flash settings through the settings panel too! Just type flash into the search bar at the top of the settings page and the yellow text box with the word "FLASH" should stick out like a sore thumb.

Press the option that it's linked to and the next page should have an option that is highlighted yellow. Click it and hey presto! Just slip the URL into the correct location.

And there you go! You can now play Dress Treat in the Chrome browser! No more fiddling with Internet explorer! HISS BITE HISS!

Have fun! =D

oh my goodness thanks so much for writing this how-to, i imagine it will be really helpful to a lot of people!!!

You're welcome!
I had seen the other comments of people saying that they couldn't get it to work in chrome, so I lent a hand.

You do not need an extension to enable flash, simply go to chrome://settings/content

For me it doesn't have "add" next to "allow"..... What do I do now?

I'd help you, but it just stopped working for me too...
I'll update the instructions when I fix it.

It looks like chrome is a little broken at the moment...
I haven't tried this, but you might need to install a plugin of some kind.


REFERENCES???????? (romance detective and stuff :v) 

I can't get it to work. Help?

I'm using chrome.

ahh hmm yeah chrome likes to block flash plugins sometimes. maybe using a different browser will work? i don't know off the top of my head how to get chrome to enable flash stuff on certain sites.. sorry for the trouble ;o;

I'm trying Microsoft Edge now, but it still doesn't work. Help please? Thanks.

try firefox or internet explorer maybe? i don't know what else to say :( sorry for making a flash game in 2017 lol

I fixed it, I used Internet Explorer, thanks!

I played this at 11:30PM so I wouldn't disapoint my parents.
Was not disapointed.

Nami you're the best human being i've never met!

where i can get the game? im a very fan of your games! <3

it's a browser game! if it isn't loading, try opening the page in internet explorer...? i think chrome/firefox blocks flash stuff sadly.

I am on a mac, how do you open it?

it should load automatically in your browser, regardless of OS. if it doesn't, flash plugins might be blocked or something, i'm not really sure how to help :(


Is it okay for me to take some screenshots and make some quick reactions based on those outfits?

I'll give you three examples.

*Sigh...* Welcome to Atelier Sweets, what can I get you? Oh, it's you Moxie. Please don't tell me that you expect free candy, because you're not getting any.

Moxie: Aww... But Treeeeat-

Don't 'Treeeeaaat' me, if I give you free candy, boss'll fire me.So scram.

Where are we going now Moxie?

I-I get the job?!

(Okay that was technically four, but whatever.)

omg i love these

I'll be able to give you more soon Nami! Perhaps I can @ you the pictures on tumblr? Should I do nomnomarts or nomnomdev?

either is fine!

Ohmygosh, I just checked your page again for game and stuff, THIS IS SO CUTE.

Hey Nami, there is a song called, "I know im a wolf." by Young Heretics and I think you'd like it! It reminded me of Treat's story.

hey what is your make this game

it's made with flash mx!

how do i save the pic

sorry i can't put in a screenshot button, you'll have to use the print screen key or use a program that does screengrabs :(

Cool, but make more options

Ooh, can we please have a way to export without resorting to screenshots, or is that beyond what you can do with Flash?

Also, can there PLEASE be a sakura season background?

i really want a screenshot button but the version of flash i used to make this can't write to disk x_x but yes, sakura background, i will certainly add that one day


sNAMI YOU SHOULD START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great game 10/10 would play again. I wish that for the frustrated face that there was a speech bubble that says, BAKA!!!

Baka is a tsundere phrase

By the way Nami what software did you use to program/Script

it's made in flash mx!

Konichiwa Nami you are my inspiration. I love dress treat by the way so a newbie but my ranks an otaku goddess.SO ya greetings to you Nami.I like your art style use to draw like that I called it chawaii style for its look and taste


How do i undress her? and maybe add a, i don't know a scarf ?

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You could *cough* BUY DELICACY (pretty good comic tbh) *cough* but whatever

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

the problem is that im poor af, and mexican, so the dollar is expensive af for me.

i can relate to the poor af state since student loans steal your money

omg so adorabllle~ after a while of messing around and creating the perfect outfit, i kept pressing the random combination button and what kept coming up made me laugh so hard xD Treat is the best character~ <3

The "cat" outfit could be Treaffee.Nya.

Planning on making a Windows version ? :^)

it's a browser game. it works on every OS haha

by the way Nami nice game it' amazings

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