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I have made a goth Treat. Okay, but really, Treat is a cute-as-hell character and this game has a cute-as-hell remix of the main theme from LWT.

goth treat for no reason

how do you login to tha game?

theres a start button in the center if that's what you mean, no logins required haha

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*Looks at "Time Travelers Outfit"*

I see what you did there.

im watching now


How do you load it up?

if you just let the browser sit for a bit it should appear!

Ok. It wasn't loading.


This is so cute! Everything from the art, music and outfit design are so adorable!
Treat is such a cute character and I'm happy I stumbled upon this nice little dress up game.

I forgot how much I shamelessly enjoyed dress up games, &this reminded me!!!

Thanks tons, Nami!

this is probably the cutest freakin thing ive ever played thank you nami you did it again

As an outfit recommendation: I think Show by Rock!! outfits would be super cute! ;3;

Ah, I have this saved in my bookmarks now for whenever I need a small pick-me-up~ <3


i had retoree on my list but i was trying to avoid licensed stuff--maybe i'll make treat versions for the ones i wanted to do? thatd be so cute... ahhh


It's soo cute. I'd love to have an option to save the Treat I made!


ahh yeah i wanted to have a button that does that too, but the version of flash i used is so old that it seemed like there's no code to do it. i'll keep looking for a solution though!!

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Thanks, I will keep waiting! I hope you find a good solution.

The black eyebrows kind of makes Treat look vaguely like some kind of weird wolf-spider hybrid


so cute >_< i love treat!



this cuteness is gonna give me a heart attack i swear


*dying in the floor of the cutness* ugh


aw I can't get over how cute your characters are haha. All the expressionssss. XD

This game is super cute!!!

This game is my new reason to live! OwO

I have a question. Why is it not for windows

it's a browser game! so it definitely works on windows!!

Oh Thank You

Hehe! Still so glad there's a Space School uniform in there! Hurray for Treat!


= w= how does treat look good in literally anything. Like, even the random button does justice... bless > w <

It's so cute!!

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