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this game is great! I made the witch, I thought she was too beautiful! You draw very well! Good continuation! °u°/



Nervous little Treat


Such a cutie

Omg i LOVE treat

I love this game is my favorit game


its a simple design, but i still like it- <3

i decided to give her a name- willow

personality : calm, jumpy and shy 

likes: berries, summer, reading


hates: water



This is my favourite result~ ^_^

I eve made fanart from it~ ^w^ (


agora ela é a  Marzipan

She has a crush on you <3


I tried to make mochi... Mochi Good enough

Treat but she is a cat



vamp girl (*_*)

I like simple design, OvO

She is so adorable :3

I like simple design OvO



And another one of the designs that I like.

Being formal is important, and sometimes, it can look pretty.

(does this look like a schoolgirl, because i intend on this design for Treat to look like one.)

A simple design, but one that I quite like for myself.

Also, Dress Moxie/Mochi when? :D

(This is a good game, I love it.)

¿Se puede poner esto en el juego de golosinas? : 0 espero que sí y si es así, ¿cómo se hace?

A simple spell, but quite a charming one.

Yes I just noticed someone technically did this already but I just thought I'd contribute with effective simplicity.

the link to the webcomic has changed twice since you wrote the description

oh wow thank you for pointing that out, just fixed it!

cuteeeee!!!!! :"3

Can I download this? (so I can play it offline)

big uwu


Treat look great

 👌Treat in the snow


this is adorable!!!!


(1 edit) (+3)

hiya again could u add hairstyles? by that i mean, front hair/ bangs? also colour it ? x


can we take a moment to look at Treat's tan line?


It is nice that the clothing options come from other games you made.

like 'her tears were my light"


it doesnt download pls fix


i updated the game so you should be able to play it in browser with no problems! hope it works~

(1 edit) (+1)

thanks! :D just installed and works :)


So Cute 'v'

i'm trying to download it but it won't download

This app is my life :D

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