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I played this at 11:30PM so I wouldn't disapoint my parents.
Was not disapointed.


Nami you're the best human being i've never met!

where i can get the game? im a very fan of your games! <3

it's a browser game! if it isn't loading, try opening the page in internet explorer...? i think chrome/firefox blocks flash stuff sadly.

I am on a mac, how do you open it?

it should load automatically in your browser, regardless of OS. if it doesn't, flash plugins might be blocked or something, i'm not really sure how to help :(


Is it okay for me to take some screenshots and make some quick reactions based on those outfits?


I'll give you three examples.

*Sigh...* Welcome to Atelier Sweets, what can I get you? Oh, it's you Moxie. Please don't tell me that you expect free candy, because you're not getting any.

Moxie: Aww... But Treeeeat-

Don't 'Treeeeaaat' me, if I give you free candy, boss'll fire me.So scram.

Where are we going now Moxie?

I-I get the job?!

(Okay that was technically four, but whatever.)

omg i love these

I'll be able to give you more soon Nami! Perhaps I can @ you the pictures on tumblr? Should I do nomnomarts or nomnomdev?

either is fine!

Ohmygosh, I just checked your page again for game and stuff, THIS IS SO CUTE.

Hey Nami, there is a song called, "I know im a wolf." by Young Heretics and I think you'd like it! It reminded me of Treat's story.

hey what is your make this game

it's made with flash mx!

how do i save the pic

sorry i can't put in a screenshot button, you'll have to use the print screen key or use a program that does screengrabs :(

Cool, but make more options

Ooh, can we please have a way to export without resorting to screenshots, or is that beyond what you can do with Flash?

Also, can there PLEASE be a sakura season background?

i really want a screenshot button but the version of flash i used to make this can't write to disk x_x but yes, sakura background, i will certainly add that one day


sNAMI YOU SHOULD START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great game 10/10 would play again. I wish that for the frustrated face that there was a speech bubble that says, BAKA!!!

Baka is a tsundere phrase

By the way Nami what software did you use to program/Script

it's made in flash mx!

Konichiwa Nami you are my inspiration. I love dress treat by the way so a newbie but my ranks an otaku goddess.SO ya greetings to you Nami.I like your art style use to draw like that I called it chawaii style for its look and taste


How do i undress her? and maybe add a, i don't know a scarf ?

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You could *cough* BUY DELICACY (pretty good comic tbh) *cough* but whatever

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

the problem is that im poor af, and mexican, so the dollar is expensive af for me.

i can relate to the poor af state since student loans steal your money

omg so adorabllle~ after a while of messing around and creating the perfect outfit, i kept pressing the random combination button and what kept coming up made me laugh so hard xD Treat is the best character~ <3

The "cat" outfit could be Treaffee.Nya.

Planning on making a Windows version ? :^)

it's a browser game. it works on every OS haha

by the way Nami nice game it' amazings

Hey Nami it's me Acklen long time no see i have a graphic pad and guess what im workin on my first game ima post it on hope you play cause i also have a game company cat jump so ya

I have a feature request - allow folks to save pictures of their outfits when they are done :)

I know right it's been bugging me about how you can't save you "treat" when you are done with their outfits!

I have made a goth Treat. Okay, but really, Treat is a cute-as-hell character and this game has a cute-as-hell remix of the main theme from LWT.

goth treat for no reason

how do you login to tha game?

theres a start button in the center if that's what you mean, no logins required haha

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*Looks at "Time Travelers Outfit"*

I see what you did there.

im watching now


Deleted 294 days ago

if you just let the browser sit for a bit it should appear!

Deleted 294 days ago

This is so cute! Everything from the art, music and outfit design are so adorable!
Treat is such a cute character and I'm happy I stumbled upon this nice little dress up game.

I forgot how much I shamelessly enjoyed dress up games, &this reminded me!!!

Thanks tons, Nami!

this is probably the cutest freakin thing ive ever played thank you nami you did it again

As an outfit recommendation: I think Show by Rock!! outfits would be super cute! ;3;

Ah, I have this saved in my bookmarks now for whenever I need a small pick-me-up~ <3


i had retoree on my list but i was trying to avoid licensed stuff--maybe i'll make treat versions for the ones i wanted to do? thatd be so cute... ahhh


It's soo cute. I'd love to have an option to save the Treat I made!


ahh yeah i wanted to have a button that does that too, but the version of flash i used is so old that it seemed like there's no code to do it. i'll keep looking for a solution though!!

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Thanks, I will keep waiting! I hope you find a good solution.

The black eyebrows kind of makes Treat look vaguely like some kind of weird wolf-spider hybrid


so cute >_< i love treat!



this cuteness is gonna give me a heart attack i swear


*dying in the floor of the cutness* ugh


aw I can't get over how cute your characters are haha. All the expressionssss. XD

This game is super cute!!!

This game is my new reason to live! OwO

I have a question. Why is it not for windows

it's a browser game! so it definitely works on windows!!

Oh Thank You

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