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Ahh! This was such a beautiful game! Thank you for making it! ;w;


This was so cute holy heck they're both adorable


Omgs I finally had time to play and record this game!

I absolutely loved it and I missed seeing Eleni and Kamilla together! x3

Here's my let's play: 

You have no idea how much I loved your video I was just about to download the game when I saw your comment and I was like, well why not let's see what's this about, I freaking fell in love with the video from the first lines 👌👌👌 I ended up watching the whole thing here and I loved it!!!!!!! I'm so going to check the rest of your channel 


This is super cute, as always!! I absolutely loved it. Also I just realized one of the tracks is titled "sacroffice" which is. perfect. thank you!!!

I love this game so so much <3333 So cute!!

omg i remember seeing eleni in treat. i took a screencap each time because i had to show my friends


Loved the game.So cute. I didn't know they made a cameo in Treat the lonely wolf. I'll have to play it again. 

Nami, you're seriously amazing, TY for always blessing us with such great games and content! 10/10, would sell my gay soul for more!

okay, i love this game ??? first off, i just love it what did you expect some sort of rating ?? this is just Gay and i love it and the characters are vygbuhjnk

I thought this game was lovely! The characterization was so cute and I loved the characters' relationships with each other. You always make great games! Amazing job!


Lovely Game <3

It's beautifull :3 


This honestly blew me away. Way past my expectations.

I loved it ! I was waiting for their story since such a long time ! I also love so much your characters ! But does it happen after or before lonely wolf treat ? ( because i think eleni's room was the same, and you can't chek if she mooved in the next games because of the wall... or maybe after that they both mooved to the bunny town ? )

thank you! this takes place alongside the treat series--[[SPOILERS]] their first summoning happens in part 2, eleni's searching for kamilla in part 3, and you can find them reunited in the netherworld in part 4!

Ahh thank you ! Yes i played again and i saw it ! I love the fact your games are linked to each others and with OC's from different univers of your friends ! It's like a "reward" for the fans to find them all ! XD But it especially means that you already thougt to all of that when you made your first games ! So cool !

Great Story. I would love to see a sequal. and if i may ask is the next project gonna continue Lonely Wolf Treat? 

thanks! i'm working on the next treat game, yeah :) not sure if i'll release something else between now and then, and i still don't have a release date in mind other than sometime this year haha

NAMI THIS WAS  SO GOOD!! your characters and writing for your games is always so charming, and the fact that you made all of the art, story, and music by yourself for this and it came out so well is really admirable, you're so talented!!! keep up the good work ^___^

wahh thanks kali!!!! you're always so supportive of me ehehe <3 glad you enjoyed this one too!


The handholding alone should've given this the R18 tag.


i should've released a censored version for april fools

This is amazing. I love how you made this from a comic! You're a genius!

Btw, I'm sure you know this, but this is adorable to the max.

Adoreeeable! Loved those goofballs. The art was really charming too ! Great game

this is the cutest game on this website (probably) and I'm so going to try and get unbroke to give you some goodass cash

This game is sooo cute & cosy !
Thank you for making it : 3.

I played the whole game and I loved it!!

Oohh so cute!!! Congrats on finishing Nanoreno!! :D :D

thanks heiden!! glad I was able to finish on time :D

this is so cute and good and awesome!!! <3

Keep up your good work! Love it!

This looks super cute, I'm looking forward to play it <3 Downloaded with a contribution, keep up the good work!

SUPER CUTE GAME!! I love it lots, plenty of screenshots were made ehehe


i wanted these girls as a story since they appeared in an earlier game and i'm so happy and excited to play!! thanks for the lovely start to my day, nami <33


aww yay i'm glad i could finally deliver! i've been waiting for a chance to make their game for a looong time.


This is the first one of your games where I cried of happiness due to the game. This is b e a utiful~! Keep up the great work Nami!

Didn't you make Spooky Soiree?

i did indeed! ;)

Awesome, I really love your art style and all the work you do!

I've downloaded all of the games you've released so far and I wanted to know if you have any more plans to make new Nsfw titles (not trying to sound like a  raunchy sex goblin), and if they will be free or not. 

btw,  loving the Lonely Wolf Treat series


thanks! yeah i will probably do more nsfw comics in the future, but i can't release them for free since it makes it too easy for minors to get ahold of. thanks for understanding :)

Np Nami, just expect that the next time one of your visual novels costs something, that you got someone who'll definitely buy em!

keep up what you're doin with the cute shiz <3

This is so adorable! I love it!

*визг фаната из России*


You've done it once again. I loved this wholesome game. Thank you Nami!!!


I was so happy to wake up to a new game of yours on my birthday, and I loved it just as much as any of your other games, it was so CUTE!!


aww happy birthday! glad you enjoyed <3

Thank you! <3


One of the sweetest things I have ever read.
Love it.

(Good job Nami!)


THIS GAME WAS SO CUTE!! I've loved all your games so far and was so excited to get the email you had another one, I was even sending my friend screenshots the entire time because I was so excited lmao. Thank you for making such amazing games!!!! (Also I love that you make the music too, so much work goes into these and it really shows!)

!!! Yes!!!

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So glad to see this all finished!!! GOOD JOB NAMI!!! <3

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