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Cute af

This helped me so much calming down after many issues I couldn't recover, it's so soft and hope-giving, thanks a lot ;3


This was less of a game, and more of a story. I did enjoy this a lot though!!



I actually really enjoyed this! I can tell a lot fo effort was put into this and it totally paid off! Just suggested this to my friends! I loved it! <

This is probably the best and most wholesome VN I’ve read <3 Excellent work.

It was super adorable. I enjoyed the exprience. Sad there were no options though.

OMG that's was so cute ;-; *sniff*

anyway if you want to translate this game to Thai language .... let's me help you <33

i'm waiting for part 2


cant fool me! i knew i recognized that face atleast a tiny bit! 

That was so cute and sweet,,, you did a wonderful job

I fucking love this man, it's soooo fucking cute!!! I actually wanted to see some H-actions, but this is good enough to make me reconsider. Thank you for making this game, its really fucking good. Would play it again 9/10.

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A cute, pay-what-you-want romantic kinetic novel about an angel and a demon becoming friends and girlfriends. Features brief mentions of porn for comedic effect. One secondary character is asexual and demons are implied to commonly be aromantic. 4/5 stars - excellent.

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(Eu sou menina, ok ?!)

Hey Nami !! Tudo certo? Hum .. Will you make new games? Se assim for ... Hmmm. Estou pensando em um jogo um pouco inspirado no Contract Demon

°. "Um vampiro está apaixonado por ... UM HUMANO ?!"

Tempo: 20-40 minutos

História: 'Juju e Marcy são amigos desde a infância, mas ... Marcy esconde um segredo: Ela é uma vampira! E ela é (secretamente) apaixonada por ela! E se o segredo "voar"?

Título do jogo, arte, música, etc: Bem ... Você escolhe !! Haha!

(Se você quiser, também pode fazer quadrinhos! (Como o jogo Contract Demon haha!))

Finais alternativos: SIM !! 4 finais (Final bom, Final ruim, Final dos sonhos, Final do pesadelo)

Traduções: Português, Coreano, Espanhol, Francês, Japonês, Alemão, etc

Plataformas: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Android e iOS .°

Eu sou um grande fã dos seus jogos! Eu nunca perguntei sobre novos jogos e tal ...

Se você quiser, pode até baixar TODOS OS JOGOS (para celular) e GRAVAÇÃO DE JOGOS (sem comentários) !!!

Ou ... Pague com meu próprio dinheiro !! (que eu tenho)

Ah!! Translate ALL games into English (If you want), except ... "Syrup And The Ultimate Sweet" (I luv this game, too!! 💜)

OK? Tchau !! ; 3

PS: Você é menino ou menina? And yes, I'm Brazillian (If this comment is in Portuguese)

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Namiii~~~ I LOVE your games~! specially this one~! I think this is my favorite, and maybe the lonely treat series, I even cried with one of those! what drawing program do you use? I want to make my games too, I even have the Ren'Py script made by myself alone! You are my IDOL and my stile seems somewhat to yours, please don't mind that :')

well, thankyou for doing those~! Pd: could you consider translating this one to spanish? I want to show it to my couple but he doesn't speak english and sitting there translating it for him could be awkward, so, could you please do it? but only if you can, well, thankyou!!


thank you for playing my games! i draw with clip studio paint. i hope you're able to make the games you want!

you can change this game's language in the options menu, it actually already has a spanish translation! hope your friend enjoys :)


Clip Studio Paint! I'll try! Thankyou~!

Really?! :O I didn't know, surely I haven't updated, thankyou!!!


And yes! I will make my best effort into my games! I already created the Patreon page, and also one in Tumblr and another onw in a comic site named Webtoon, part of the next step will be to finnally post my games soon, I'm so excited!


Good luck, man!


I'm a girl but thankyou unknown! ;DDD

I willl be posting an introduction comic (free to download) soon!!

can you try putting this in IOS ;-;


it costs $100/year to put up a game on the app store, unfortunately i can't afford it :( thanks for understanding


This was adorable, i love your work. keep being awesome!

I played this VN on my phone and loved it!

They're so adorable it hurts. Super fun, cute and sweet  

Aaaahhhh so cute

I LOVE this game. AND it's art style UwU Teach me your way of the arts.


Cute funny game love it so far.

cute funny and quirky. Although it did feel like i was reading a compa x iffy fan fic

Ah i see, you are a man of culture as well. 

I love this game :3, my depression has been cured  <3<3<3



contract demon2?



So...a fake angel and fake demon love each other...

Would it be a relationship built on lies?

...That sounds morbid.


bruuuh this was amazing, i fell in love with game just after a few minutes of playing it. also, i believe kamillas brother is asexual, which honestly made me so happy as an ace person. i might be wrong though, i dont trust my memory xd

but this game was seriously so good, im looking foward to anything else you might create!


i want to see more in time

Like it a lot<3


cute, heart-warming story with beautiful artstyle 

♥ and it's very nice love story


Nice story lil random but still cool


my heart is melted into a bunch of gooey little heart melts

how do you make your characters and backgrounds? :)


i draw them using clip studio paint :D


MY HEART!!!! :'D


What do you use to make this games??


it's made with Ren'Py :)


binged thru it at 4 am, ngl i might have to play it again soon
ish adorable uwu


this gud


I just loved the game and all the story of it,it's so good to see how every character is.<3
This was the first game of Nami that i have played,and it will not be the last one.

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Ahh! This was such a beautiful game! Thank you for making it! ;w;


This was so cute holy heck they're both adorable


Omgs I finally had time to play and record this game!

I absolutely loved it and I missed seeing Eleni and Kamilla together! x3

Here's my let's play: 

You have no idea how much I loved your video I was just about to download the game when I saw your comment and I was like, well why not let's see what's this about, I freaking fell in love with the video from the first lines 👌👌👌 I ended up watching the whole thing here and I loved it!!!!!!! I'm so going to check the rest of your channel 

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