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I love this game so much!!!

Very cute! I love the romance between these two! (〃^▽^〃) I like how straightforward Eleni. Very wholesome and short! Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the happy lesbian end ( ´ ω ` )

the amount of people i would murder for another part to this is crazy

id die for someone to contue this i love this sm like u do not know how i freaked out whenever they do smt romatic like PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER PART also ps i love the artstyle sm, when i see an artstyle i like i always click on the game thats how i came to find this game



That was too short :(


I need a part 2


i was wondering how you make these games because you inspired me sooooo is there like a certain app or place?

this game is made with ren'py! look into it, it can be quite simple to get started with your own story given how accessible the software is. good luck!



WEY un compa me dice el indomable por que ni los demonios se me resisten pensé que estaba esquizofrenico, luego me mando esto 


PD:  me llamo eleny 😭😭😭
(Buen juego 10/10, me alegra mi nombre por una vez en la vida)

I played this on my tablet, and BOY/GIRL/PERSON was is good. I loved it! They were so cute. 


So freaking cute AAAAAAAH!!!!!

I freaking loved it!!! I wasn't expecting such high quality and such high wholesomeness!!!!!

I will proceed to attempt to get a demon to sign a contract with me to be my friend.

10/10 loved it from beginning to end, wish I could pay for the prologue comic (or, heck, the soundtrack lmao) but well ya gotta live with that lmao.


This kind of story without choices is called a kinetic novel, is you don;t know. (P.S. It's really good!)


I read this story and I died to its cuteness.  I am now in the netherworld waiting for a witch cosplaying an angel to summon me.

This story really touched my heart and no less after the second and third time reading... Eleni and Kamilla are both sooo cute and adorable. Don't miss out the prologue comic, it gave me goosebumps as well... I really hope to see more of Eleni and Kamilla in the future...


This was my first exposure to a purely reading visual novel, and I enjoy it a lot!
I have sensory overwhelm issues that make me not like video/movies very much, so in here just reading text accompnaied by static character images and fitting music were great.

I also love the dynamic of the story - the general idea of the taller one being more vulnerable was really fun.

Thank you for making it!



I watched a friend play this! It was sooo cute. <3 I've played a few of your games and you have SUCH good character dynamics!!!


Lesbians <33


this is too cute i might actually explode,,, dont wanna be dramatic but id die for them both

loved this game! more would be nice if possible! <3



Lesbians :)

I love this game so much, I know it most likely will never get an update/more content or a part 2 but I would be so happy if it did.

Even if I had to play something like £10-£15 for it, I would 100% be willing to do it.



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VERY VERY VERY AWESOME GAME THAT I EVEN PLAYING...(sorry for my english, I know It's not very good.) I really want part 2 or something like that...OH OH! AND THE COMICS/PROLOGUE! I know that the prologue is from 2014 but yeah...I just love this game and comics and characters really.

~Love, Ai


Adorable little game, loved it. Very wholesome and just long enough. No really lewd or r18 scenes for those wondering. Would recomend


play it for 10min's on youtube i will paly in more. love it :)


Does this have any nudity i wanna know :|

nope! theres no nsfw scenes, it just mentions sexual topics , other then that its rlly cute <

Um... hello, honestly, I don't know if I should ask this here, but since, I just wanted to know if you will do or consider doing a second part of this beautiful work, I ask this because I'm left wondering what happens next hehe, that's all, thanks 

Ícono de validado por la comunidad


Okay, maybe it was something on my end, but my antivirus had immediately scanned one of the files in your games as malware? I just want to know if anybody got this or if it was just me...

yep, i also scanned it on virustotal(.)com but it detects something which im not sure if virus...

here's the link:

Yeah, it didn't wanna run it on my part. I clicked run anyway tho lmao


this was great! i absolutely adored the characters, the art was fantastic, and it had an excellent plot!

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I love the theme that plays during the scenes in the office, especially part that sounds like a phone ringing.

Also, is it intentional that Eleni's pigtails point down to contrast with Kamilla's horns, which point up?


the dynamic between them was adorable and, for some reason, realistic. a sweet game about two girls discovering their affection for one another! the visual style is bubbly and cheerful, with interesting characters. thank you for creating this game. <3




This is cute.






Moe and warm, I love it <3

Hello! How is it possible to participate for the Italian translation?

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