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omg the best game ı've seen ı want the countunie of this game plsss !! >o<

I love it!!!

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i played the game, and i gotta say , i want a sequel or spin off with eleni NOW

eleni best character, sorry

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You can now watch all parts back to back in this playlist:

Watch now the final part of my walkthrough here: 

help this is so fruity

no but actually i rlly love this its so cute LMAO

such a sweet story ♡

Part 2 is out! Go watch it! 

Hey guys I am planning to do a full walkthrough of the game in my new YouTube channel! Part 1 is already out, so if you want to support my new begging i would appreciate if you watched and liked the video!


My gay heart exploded, wish it was longer :,)

It was really cool, glad I decided to play it. Thanks for making the gamee :)

umm... it's cool 

it's really lovely :)  your good at making cute visual novel :)

This was so cute! Was hoping for it to be longer but thats my fault for not reading the description. Thank you for making another cute visual novel <3


it's SO cute. I adore how earnest and clear the character voices are. Wonderful art and writing, thank you so much.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH the only problem i have is it will have some text freeze then have the rest i dont know how to fix it but i can deal. IT IS AWESOME i saw a bunch of ur games and when i realized they were all by you i lol and started binging. i fell in love in more ways than 1.

question: are all your games about lesbian relationships i dont mind tho if the answers yes (although i havnt played all of them just the treat games and this one)
you have been on my radar for a LONG time my only regret is i didnt check you out sooner sorry for the long comment and grammer

yeah my games are usually all about girls! only my new game (starry flowers) is about two boys haha.

thanks for playing my game! (also sorry that the text was glitching out, i'm not sure what could be causing that)

How do I download the game. it says Unknown publisher

you just need to press more info

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this is what i see:

App: Publisher: 

Unknown publisher 

I can't download because it says Unknown Publisher :(

I don't even know why I didn't recorded this sooner, this was such a sweet and cute story, and with the art makes it more adorable than it already is! I love it, really. I hope you make a sequel of it in the future. Also, is it normal to complete this game in 50 minutes? It says you can complete it in 20-30 minutes, I think I'm the slow one them xD

Omg this was so adorable, thank you! I squee'd so much from the adorableness

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Kamila's brother is extremely hot- 




This was adorable XD

(Probably one of my fav novels.)

I love this novel <3

WOAAAAH THIS LOOKS REALLY GOOD! I’ll be streaming this on my yt next week <3

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im currently trying it rn.

Edit: i kept downloading and downloading.. but it doesnt work.. please fix it for laptops.

Edit2:im trying again.. it works now.

Edit3:i really love it<33..

Kinda wished I could make choices, but overall, this is once again another pleasant visual novel. ^^

NAMI? Thank you for yet another pleasant and intriguing read! I'm always smiling when I get entangled in your stories.  YOU want Adorable? You will always find it here people!

Here's my commentary for all to explore, Enjoy! ^- ^

This was pretty short and quick compared to the other visual novel you've developed that I play, but it's adorable and fun nonetheless~

Still I kind of wish there's a crossover between this and the main story???

... I thought this was a spin-off of the demon summoner who lived in the rabbit town...


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in the 2nd game, right after you leave the house for the first time, go instead to the house above the store...

She appears more over the games, and I believe she is the one who mentions the train even going to the nether world.


if you have not tried to enter every house at each interval of the game, and/or go to places you did not need to... I will simply say that the original series had quite a few secrets for people who loved exploring that had nothing to do with gameplay... also, at some point there was different dialogs for repeat interactions... so I have no confidence that I found all the secrets.

it's so cuteeeeeee

Made me smile :)

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I have to say that your games are always awesome (long time fan of your works)! I love the beautiful characters and their lovely story! Thank you for writing the story and sharing it with us!


if you cofirm I can give you ideas if that is ok.


i have plenty of my own ideas, thank you though!

plz make a sequel of this after the webcomics!


i have a lot of projects going on right now but i do want to make more about these two in the future! nothing to confirm atm, but i have not forgotten them haha


thanks for letting me know you haven't ended there concept!

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if you cofirm I can give you ideas, if you wan't.

Okay, I may or may not be addicted to this game. It's just so damn cute and wholesome. Any chance you could do a spinoff of it or just a small comic to see how they are doing today?

thanks! closest thing i have to that right now is my webcomic, where the characters appear from time to time:

Awesome! I'll check it out


I love this game, are you gonna make a sequel?

I'm having a problem playing it, I can download it just fine but I can't seem to be able to play it

i updated the game so maybe your error will be fixed now! try re-downloading, i hope it works this time :)


Are you gonna make a sequel

to be honest id play this for 3 days if i was anyone interested in demons and witches.

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