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nami teach me how ur drawing styles are unique please teach me


I love this game (by this i mean whole game)

My favourite character is Moxie,whats yours??


haha, i love treat the most


please teach me how to draw like that


start by absorbing cute things. then draw every day and keep challenging yourself. you can do it!

thank u name for teaching me

um nami what did u mean when u said note cute things highlight and coppeey these two answers/ a1:find then draw/a2:iff u don't know what to draw look in the all things cute note

mine is treat like nami because it is so cute

umm nom nom nami what do you use to make games and what do you do for music and is it possible if i can help you if you ever make another game? That would make me extremely happy, so happy its like overload!

i use renpy and rpg maker vx ace, for music i have fl studio 12. all my projects right now are solo but if i'm ever looking for people to hire i'll post about it on my dev blog!

oh! and i almost forgot umm, do you have hangouts because if you do i will like to have a conversation! :DDD

ahh sorry i don't really like chatting on mic haha

oh don't worry you can just type, in live time but there is an option to do a video chat but i personally don't like those either nor am i pushy but i am only suggesting :D and if you do accept i would likely make a chat with you :DD

oh okay, i don't really use google hangouts though, i prefer twitter if you use that?

no i don't sorry.. but its ok if you at least actually know what it is so im fine with that :3

oh hey btw whats your username? on hangouts

ah, um, i don't use it haha

when came part 4 ?


early next year i hope!

YAY :3

Just btw... How many "parts" will it give from this game serie? or a plant

not sure yet! more than 5.


OH this will be nice :D

i love?? moxie??? this sequel made me love her even more oh my, this had a pixelated landscape in one of those parts where moxie walks around in town and,,, it was beautiful whY ARE YOU TAKING SO LONG TO MAKE THE OTHER ONE IM CRYING

Can't wait for more :D

I'm stuck in the back room behind the chimney, Help? I can't get around the safe and table and I can't leave the room.

check one of the boxes from the side. sorry that it was confusing!

Thank you! I love the game, btw!

I dont know if youre gonna see this but I really liked the first one so I downloaded all of the games <3

oh my god,your name

hey, if you ever get around to seeing this, do you think you can make a mobile game because that'd be sweet!

I've never made I mobile game so I can't say how hard it may be but it'd still be cool if you made one

I really love this series! All the characters are really cute (Chai is my favorite though) and the game was really well made. Instead of finding the code I went through the different possibilties till the vault unlocked (any one reading this who hasn't played the game yet, try to find the code in the last game, it'll save some time). I can't wait for part 4!


Loved it, I'm totaly waiting for part 4.

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I am so happy that I found this Game. I played Syrup and the ultimate sweet with a friend and then we were... sad ;w; our life had no meaning anymore. Than we realised that you made other games like lonely wolf Treat, friendly bunny mochi and clever fox moxie. Thanks fpr making these great things :3 the artstyle makes the game cuter then it already is x3 and I realise I made this account just to write this and thank you xD


I liked The second game the most especially the part where you try to lead Moxie upstairs in the hotsprings again and again until something funny happens.It is this detail that I admire about the game and that the creator put effort for that. What made me play this game series though was that the characters feel like they have their own personality in this compelling story that will leave questions in you like....What will happen to our main character and the people around her? Thank you for making this game and allowing it to be seen by other people like me.Can't wait for the next part.


This series was adorable ... >.< I can't wait for part 4 :3 And Nami, you are now my fav developer! I really love your works!

Keep up the great work <3 (I really want to support you but I don't have so much money y'know :d)


*replays the game*


*chooses randomly in inputting code*

*gets it right*


I'm now waiting for part breaks my heart that it's not out yet>.< IT'S ADORABU

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