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will this ever be for android (chromebook)

Nami, can i leak the safe code?


Code is CND

ok thx ^^

I'm loving the character development in each game!


I can't figure out how to get past the part where Moxie is by Atelier Sweets and is waiting in line. Could somebody help me please?


Nvm, I'm pretty sure I was supposed to go to the hot springs instead-

Love this game too, you really can see the improvement ^^ I also wanted to ask if it's possible to get into the candy shop?


whats the code for the safe?


Do the ritual on the second game to summon the daemon and and password is in the sticky notes .  Where one bunny is blocking is where it is hidden and some good lore.  

when i press 'new game' it does nothing... x pls fix


amazing game keep up the great work


Hey, I was just wondering if you would do an art commission? you art and style is just so adorably perfect


thanks! i'm not open for commissions currently (too busy x_x) but i'll announce on twitter when i am!

Hi! I'd just like to know if there's an option to save the game?


if you push 'x' it brings up the menu :)

i cant do in spanish version i install and when i open da game puts me "RPGVXceRTP IS REQUIRED TO RUN THE GAME"

Try to run as admintrastor?


To fans: If you want more of Moxie, you can play fanmade prequel

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Is there gonna be a part 6 in the clever fox movie?


yeah i just started working on the 6th game in the series :)


Nami, you make amazing games!

I just have to say that XD


When I get into the game and play as Moxie, the controls get kind of weird, but I think that might just be my computer


she's slow on purpose because she's tired, then once you get dressed she moves at normal speed.

What I mean i that she will start moving to the left when she gets up and runs into the wall, and whenever I press right, she moves up. I hope its just my computer because I really like this series :3


OH how strange--i've heard of certain keyboard issues happening with rpg maker, it would be weird if the other games worked on the same system and yet this one didn't? my first guess is to try redownloading it maybe?

I did try re-downloading it, but still the same problem, but I believe that it could be the closest thing to solving the issue. Thank you! :)


Hello, I'm back from about... a month, and I am proud to say that this game now works and I can properly control her. Thank you for trying to help me trying to solve the problem! :D

German language?

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Moxie is just so cute! I even made her in Pony Town! ^//w//^ She's my favorite so far~

what is pony town?


Pony Town is a game (an online game to be exact). It's where you can design ponies on whatever you want them to look like ^^ So I made Moxie there :3 She's my favorite! You can check the game out if you want. Here's the link!! (Is it okay, Nami? Maybe you're gonna get mad-- ;w;)
Link to Pony Town --->

I hope you enjoy your time there!


Out of all your games, so far, this one is my absolute fav! I love Treat, Mochi, Moxie, Trick! They're all so cute and adorable! I can't wait to play more of this game x3

Also made a video, but sorry for the loud sound, I figured out much later down the road, how to turn down the volume when recording...


can i add portuguese translation?


awesome game


Happy Birthday Moxie :D



i am just starting on this one becase i saw it on here but its so adorable

Adorable same like other series.

nice game ! 

aHhHhHHhhHH I love this game sO mUcH! it's my favorite in the series so far 

How do you go fullscreen?


pretty sure it's alt+enter!

I can't tip you because I don't have money BUT I WANT TO BECAUSE I CAN'T STOP SMILING AT THIS SERIES

Well. I'm impressed how rabbit city changed since 2nd part, how beautiful ths place looks in spring and how beautiful and funny story it is :)

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Nice great comedy picture i love to read it its really relax my mind, thank you. :)

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I really love these games!, I wish I could figure out how the order goes thou 


i list the order on all the game pages... it's under "GAMES IN THIS SERIES", they're all numbered and there are links to the other pages.

:( I wish it was available on the mac


Just use Wine to run it. For example:

(Not sure how to display tons of excitement) (More excitement) (Even more excitement to input here) How often am I going to say this?!?!?!?!?!?! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!! Anyways, here's my video! Let me know how I'm doing in the comments of the video!

hey Numi love the art. you are awesome.

I swear! This game just keeps getting more heart warming! I still like Treat the best!

This one, while not quite as charming as the previous installment, is still well-done. The characters continue to be memorable, and even get more complex. The music as always is pleasant to listen to. Nami seems to be getting better at estimating the amount of time the game will take. It took me an hour, just like it says it will.

Would I be allowed to create a fan game of this series?

If so, would I be allowed to use the assets to give it a more Lonely Wolf Treat feel? (I don't know how you made the assets, plus I have mv not vx ace)

I have some concepts and would just like your official permission to create it.


sure you can make a fan game! i made the assets myself so i'm not comfortable freely handing them out... plus mv's tile size is different so you'd have to upscale them anyway :( sorry. good luck!

Thanks! I'll remake them in mv style!

Now THIS will give me motivation to actually use RPG Maker MV :P

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ummmm when will it be out?  if you have any way to folow developmet that be gr8t. i hope you can keep that lonly wolf feel.

If it means anything, I start development in a few days, and I don't have a set release date, it come out when it's done I guess

I also might post on Instagram, but that's uncertain

I also hope that the game will have a Lonely Wolf feel, I would be honoured for it to. :3


I don't know why I thought I could take on this project... It's too much for one person to handle, so I've lost all motivation to continue. Heh, before even starting CREATING the actual game... The protagonist ended up becoming my awful oc... Welp, I'm not continuing development of the Lonely Wolf Treat fangame Shy Wolf Ashlyn.


salt is a girl haha

I have a couple questions the game development:

1.  What do you use for making the world? I think is RPG maker, but i'm not too sure.

2. How long does it take to make one of this games?

                                                        FREAKING LOVE YOUR GAMES, SO KEEP GOING 

rpg maker vx ace! and the bigger ones take a few months to make. thanks!

thanks. :)

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