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Pretty solid game! I had never given Picross a try before and I think this is a pretty good introduction! The instructions were a bit confusing at first but that's probably just me being bad at these games. Failing not being important really helps with the chill vibe.


A very cute and calming game! Everything was chill and tbh I cried a bit when Senna talked about splitting up. Topic hits home lol. Keep up the good work! I hope to see many great things from you.

This was my first time playing picross! I was scared to fail at first, but then I realized the tutorial said I couldn't. I'm glad for that lol! Definitely made me interesting in more picross!

Pretty cute game! The artists have clearly done a very good job. I really like how Charms looks. In addition to all this there is a quiet methodical music, which fits well with the game as a whole.

This game was adorable and i loved it. I play a ton of picross games but never found one with a story. Was super excited to play through this. I loved both the girls and their interactions. Plus the picross puzzles were simple but fun! Really well done


As a picross game, this sucks. Extreme lag makes it difficult to play. The puzzles were very simple so even novices can enjoy.

As a cute little story game, this was quite good. Not my style at all (I played for the picross) but pretty good nonetheless.


to be fair it wasnt easy for me at all, i still failed on some, i just dont do picross that much like you do


To be fair, I'd bet there are several things you make look easy that I couldn't handle at all!

Very cute and cozy game! A little laggy on the bigger sizes, but definitely still playable.

Good game but it's very laggy on android when i played it (i also struggling on 15x15. Good thing there's no 30x30) other than that, Great job. (by the way before i delete the game, i only finished 1 ending cause of game lag). 

Absolutely loved everything about this game~


This was a cute game. I like how it included a handful of bonus puzzles outside of the main story. Making Cassia an airhead like this really enabled Senna's character in a way that I found fun. Also, interesting to know that you did all the music yourself. Since it was noted that you don't really listen to Lo-Fi casually, that explains how it came out a bit closer to what I'd expect to hear in some chill lounge rather than an anime girl studying for a test. 

I will say that the story 15x15 is equal parts easier than it was made out to be and really fun to draw, since it has an outline that can be drawn without lifting the "pen", so to speak. This means that once it clicks what the numbers are hinting at, then the player can glide through most of the puzzle. For a final boss, that's pretty clever, and since it's the only 15x15 in the story that doesn't diminish what I view as a low difficulty 15x15. Plus the final post-game puzzle was in line with my personal skill level, so I got to have my cake and eat it without getting a player less used to picross than me stuck on the final level. 

As a final note, I didn't know you could make picross in RenPy. I'm super curious what it was like making a puzzle game in what most people view as a VN engine.

haha i love picross; gaem good


On a more serious note, it would be great if you could highlight the line and column you're currently hovering over. It's a bit easy to lose sight of the row/column on the 15x15 puzzles.


Please add Russian as soon as possible :(


it's added! :)

i love picross, so i couldn't not check this out! very cute, i had fun

I loved this! The puzzles were fun and the story and characters were very cute. The art throughout is also very well done :)

Wow this is actually amazing. I came for picross and I stayed for actually fun characters. Just wow.


please port it to android, there are countries (like mine) that mainly uses android and not IOS, i love your games and i really want to play this one (no, i dont have a pc or laptop, i only have my phone pls port it to android pls)


thank you for your comment, it gave me the motivation to finish the android version :) you can play it now, hope you enjoy!


you're the best!!


I like ukrainian localization


This was a really adorable and fun game! The puzzles got really challenging, especially the ones towards the epilogue. I've never been a fan of picross, but I may have found a new hobby.

Also - this game was such a *vibe*. The art was really cohesive. The characters and UI blended seamlessly, and your color palette was very pleasing on the eyes. 

The writing was also really lovely. I really enjoyed how it focused on Cassia and Senna's story, while casually painting the world they live in and giving a believable sense of purpose to each puzzle. Honestly, I could learn a thing or two from how restrained and focused the story was in general.

Lastly, the epilogues were so wholesome, and Epilogue 3 was totally worth doing the bonus lore over. It really pulled my heartstrings, haha. Cassia and Senna make really good friends, and I hope they don't part forever. I'm not sure if I caught on to Cassia's hint correctly, but if I did, then I'm totally glad to see her accepted and happy. They're both adorable! I've love to see a sequel someday!

everyone's talking about how easy the puzzle's are and my dumbass spent 30 mins on just one. thank you for the option to hide the timer LOL!! 😭

despite me being a dummy, i had a lot of fun ❣️ very cute and wholesome and the beats are definitely chill ♪(´▽`)


Don't sweat it. What makes them easy is doing a million of them so that you start recognizing patterns.

this is so nice of you !! thank you for taking the time to reply to me <3

You're very welcome. I do hate to see someone who seems to be equating a lack of practice with an inability. I saw enough of that crap in school! All picrosses/nonograms are is just practice.

Have a great day!

Very cute art! I loved all the expressions both characters had.

The puzzles are pretty easy if you play a lot of nonogram games. That makes this a great game for people who want to try out these kinds of puzzles for the first time.


it was a bit too easy but still a cozy and cute game




Wasn't able to play, said it was unable to open because of the developer :(

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Itz a very cute simply game! I love it <3  I enjoy the facial expressions of Cassia and Senna! Also are they named after flowers?


cute little lovely game

might not be the best game to play before bed, but hey i did it :)

banana and peanut butter is a perfectly normal food combination

one of the lines in epilogue 3 perked my ears up. after i checked your profile page description and thought yep :) 

lovely game, keep up the good work peeps


the soundtrack pops off tbh

Hello, will there be a Russian translation?

yes :) it will take a while, but i want to add one!

Thank you ❤❤❤

After downloading the game, my anti-virus labels some file inside as a trojan. 

i think this is an issue for ren'py games in general--because i use a custom icon for the .exe, it sets off the anti-virus alert. i can assure you the files are safe :) hope you enjoy the game!

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That's a bizzare bug I gotta say if what you described is true lol.

But it's nothing unexpected for me personally, plenty of RPG maker games I download get this false positive report on Windows defender.

Funny because it fails to report a lot of real viruses that I managed to download.

it happens to me on a lot of ren'py games as well

It happened to me with literally all ren'py games that have exe as it's main executable file the only one I didn't had that are the one that uses an html file as executable

Yeah, some Anti-viruses see Ren'py games as malware, due to how they work. 99% of the time it's a false report


I just downloaded this game and finished it, I'm so in love!! the characters are so cute and their chemistry is so cute! and the gameplay is great! i love how cute the puzzles are after you finish it!! overall and generally super cute and lovely!! perfect even! I enjoyed the lessons too. The soundtrack too is so calming and fits with the game overall! this is the perfect game to play if you like cute stuff and puzzles!! nomnomnami did a great job!!


Such a cute & lovely game! I loved the Lofi soundtrack and I'm a big fan of nonograms, so this game was perfect. I liked reading through the commentary too. You did a great job! <3


ooooooohhh i absolutely love nonogram games and its even better coming from you!! love your art <3 i rly wanna see more of these girls theyre so cuteeee!!  also cassia trans?!?!?!??!!?!!??!!!


I really like this Game, bit bummed out I plowed through it too fast xD
But the climate while playing is awesome (Artstile and Music), very chill while playing :3!

cute and short! thanks

so lovely! the epilogue was very sweet~ excited to see more of both senna and cassia in later games! :3


Fun and quick, 5/5 :D

The puzzles are the perfect difficulty, the characters are funny, the aesthetics are adorable, I loved this <33

c'est le meilleur jeu


Short and really sweet game. The art, story and puzzles are nice. The only problem is lag. The performance drops often for some reason (even got “not responding” once) and input is often not registered. Other than that it’s really nice.


Extremely cute bite-size game, perfect for when you have a little time on your hand

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