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ANOTHER PIECE OF CANDY is a series of oneshot comic strips, starring various characters from games that i've made! not strictly canon, mostly for fun.

i update this comic every wednesday on the main site, but i wanted to make pdfs available as well since i'd been planning on printing books (which you can buy here!!!)

volume 1 - 122 comics, 38 page pdf
volume 2 - (coming soon!)

i've been drawing this webcomic since 2016, so there's quite a bit of backlog... if you're all caught up and looking for more, i post sketch versions of new comics ahead of time on patreon.

thanks for reading <3


story + art - NomnomNami


  • Español  - José Jil Tudela (instagram)
  • Français - Yuri Akuto
  • Русский - Project Gardares
  • 简体中文 - Mimosa (lofter) 校对:Polaris
  • Português - Fah Braccini
  • Türkçe - Naamk
  • Bahasa Indonesia - Milkary Yoshi
  • Italiano - Rypher


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(ENG) another piece of candy volume 1 28 MB
(ES) otro trocito de dulce volumen 1 30 MB
(FR) another piece of candy tome 1 29 MB
(RU) Ещё один кусочек сладости Том 1 30 MB
(ZH) 再来一块糖果? - 第一卷 90 MB
(PTBR) mais um docinho volume 1 29 MB
(TUR) bi̇r parça daha şeker bölüm 1 29 MB
(IDN) another piece of candy jilid 1 30 MB
(ITA) another piece of candy volume 1 30 MB

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will this be like a sequel of the ultimate candy game?

will there be a 2nd novel ? 

will this be a game aswell? 

nice work, i read or play the games often at school.

A sequel will be coming soon. If you follow Nami on patreon, you can get access to the new Syrup game! I will not to much spoiling.

All Infos about the full game can be found of Namis patreon. Link is on all project sites on this platform.




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One question, will there be something else about starry flowers other than +18? And since it's free, I'll fall in love with starry flowers and that's why I ask this.And also if it can be free, because I don't have to pay


i want to write a sequel someday :) the sequel will be free to play.

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Thank you very much for answering my question Nami, now knowing that there will be a sequel I will be happier


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This is.. too cute! Well-handrawn font and quiet interesting stories. <3


Cute and wholesome, worth picking up as a whole volume!


honestly, Moxie deserves better girlfriends.

teasing ones are not too bad, honestly! :3

Ohhhhh,  chinese!

Update as soon as possible, author!

Can anyone make a german translation of this, please?



it so adorable xD


Why do Thyme and Spice look familiar?


thyme and spice are time and space

I know that, are they disguised?

This comic is so beautiful that I asked my mom to print it for me physically, I have it in my bookstore, I'm already waiting for volume 2 to print it and read it nwn


Ahhh I love this!!!!! Cant wait for volume 2


Yaey,I like the comic and I want to translate it to Indonesian but I'm only a student hehehe but I still understand ^^


Bang gpp coba aja minta translate di emailnya nami,gw udah dikasih izin translate her tear were my light ke indonesia jadi mungkin lu bisa juga coba translate ni komik

Wow keren juga kau,tapi gue lagi ngga ada waktu karena ada tugas+projek besar sama yang lain, untungnya hampir bisa bahasa inggris jadinya kadang² butuh translate

Oh oke bang

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Can you make this on german language please? I'm to lazy for reading it on english! I can't even write correctly on english, and if it's correct, than I'm use a long time for it. I wasn't long enough in school, to learn english...

Please forgive me!

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This goes to @NomNomNami!

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I really liked it, if you could make a version in Portuguese I would really appreciate it (•̀⁠ᴗ⁠-)

Vou pedir o trabalho de tradução do quadrinho para o português e caso não me aceitem farei uma tradução fã do quadrinho para o português. :D


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Ei mano cê já traduziu? Tô querendo muito a tradução kkkkk

Também to a dias esperando uma tradução


Oi, sou o tradutor oficial de PT-BR da NomnomNami. A tradução oficial em português está acontecendo e deve ficar pronta logo. :)

Muito obrigado pela tradução,Deus te abençoe 

Love it, and I also love seeing more of Eleni and Kamilla!

This is amazing

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thank you!!!

can't wait for vol 2!!

i can't wait for the second volume!!!!!


official apoc as a book

i love the art

a great read! thanks nami!

Thanks for archiving the comic! :3 


i wanted to read the old comics of these but i didnt know where to find it and then this appears, thanks nami


I was going to ask if this could be a thing! Thank You so much, NomNomNami!