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i love the bdays of the characters so much

-romance detective was born on valentine day

-"romance cop" was born on april fools

-mad fanboy scientist was born on 4/20

thank you for creating this masterpiece

Skull girls vibes from art style

Yeah... I really like this game.

It's funny. The plot and dialogues are very good.

All the characters and backgrunds are very well done. Eveybody has their own role role and style :)

I also very like how many languages you added. And how "romantic" is this story. Ending is very great ♥ 

I love this game so much :3

I want to play the game! Thank you for your hardwork! Seems like I can download this without paying. I'm broke af but if I have the money, I'd definitely contribute for your hard work. I gave you a follow though, I'd definitely contribute in the near future!

thank you, i appreciate it! enjoy the game~

This game is so cute~~ 10/10!!!!

I played this ages ago but only just rediscovered your profile.  I really enjoyed this game, it made me laugh and giggle.  And the artwork is absolutely amazing, it's very cute and simple but helps tell the story perfectly.  Great work on this!!

aww wow so kind! thanks for taking the time to comment <3

Cheesy, a little sappy, and entirely over-the-top, yet there's a certain charm to the game. I enjoyed my time in the world of "Romance Detective", for the short time it lasted.

The character development is well-paced, the art is nice to look at (though "Romance Cop" looks like she needs to eat more. I'm low-key worried about her health), and the music is pleasant to listen to while really matching the tone of the game. I wish there was a bit more interactivity, but I understand this was intended as a visual novel rather than a game.

While I personally think this is inferior to your previous work, that's still saying something, as your work up to now has been impressive, to say the least.

haha this was the first original game i made so my "previous works" were actually made after this one. thanks for playing it though!

Ah, my bad. I forgot to check that.

Nami, after playing some of your other games I wanted more...and you've delivered something truly amazing with Romance Detective. The characters, the story, the art, everything is simply fantastic and I love it. It's charming and funny, a great visual novel.

I look forward to playing the sequel!

I'll forever be a fan of your work. If you don't mind I made a let's play of the game.

Cheers and best wishes.

Loved the game! Keep up the good work!

I haven't even played yet, and I'm already enamored with this game.  Can't wait to try it out!

Hey, there is a very confusing portuguese translation error in the very beginning of the game, when the detective says "This rose", it is translated like "Está rosa", intead of "Esta rosa" which has a completely different meaning. 

"Esta rosa" means "This rose", but "Está rosa" means "You are pink" or "It/he/she is pink"


ahh thank you for pointing it out! i'll update it soon.

hey man loved your game.


jus watch my mini series of me doing a full gameplay of it

first ep:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
But apparently roses,
are evil too!

Hey there continued on with Romance detective <3 this is a lot of fun!


Super funny and love the art style! Will definitely do more Let's Plays of it!


Im playing this cause i saw it on bijuu mikes channel and thought the game graphics were pretty cute!

This was both hilarious and adorable :)

I really enjoyed this silly game :D It was funny, charming, and the characters are so gosh darn adorable! I didn't even realize, until I was preparing a blog entry about this game, that you also made Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet--another game that I loved! Well done :) You've earned a fan for life!

It was so cute. Chrys is so pretty. I hope to see Rose's face without sunglasses though! Bet she'll be so charming sexy and androgynous! Thank you again for a really cute game XD

i love this game soooooooooooooo much

Such a funny, little game! So cute and ridiculous, I loved it :D

... but that's my name

Hmm... Are you my doppelganger perhaps?

Must be =o.o=


Hey there! awesome game!

as soon as I get paid I will put some money towards supporting it because it was just a joy playing and I also uploaded a video of it to my channel

Keep up the good work!


thanks for the portuguese translation!

also, can i help you translate the other games for portuguese?

i already have a friend helping me, thanks for the offer though!!


oh...ok :D

This is one of the best VNs I've ever played! I'm totally obsessed with it!

I'm not gonna lie, i've spent the entire day playing the two games. It was honestly one of the cutest games I have ever played. I commend you for the amount of time and energy you put into the two! Good job! (even though that may not mean much coming from a rando

it always means a lot to hear stuff like this! thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed them <3

No problem mate! Thanks for the reply!

I adored the fun, goofy tone of this, and the art is so cute!

Such a cute and fun little game!
I also have to be serious, I think I might have just added a certain detective to my list of characters to cosplay.... ;)

My sister and I really enjoyed your game. The cute art style and humor were great. If you would like to see her reaction to the different scenes, you can watch it here. In the meantime, we wish you luck on the sequel. [-Nani]

I love this game too much. I got to show it to a couple of my friends and we had a blast. Can't wait for the sequel! Thank you so much for the work you put into your projects!


wow, this game really ROSE to the occasion (i did actually really enjoy it A+)

Ok that was cute. I need MORE

I liked the style of drawing and the cute story, so i thought let's see your others games too... and well I had already played one of them, and now I'll play them all xD

Your games are great ^.^

(1 edit)

I've been playing your games out of order, Nami, but this might be my new favorite one from you XD

I love the humor it opens up on, and the art style is as amazing as ever ^^ Even started playing it for YouTube, as well :) For anyone interested, bloop doop:

So yeah, I love this charming little story. My only complaint is that it isn't ten times longer, because I need more.

I FINISHED, And honestly i could not have ended bettter!

Part 3, This game is way longer than I thought it'd be. I just hope Romance Cop and The detective fall in love at the end!

part 2! Even more voices and even more awkward jokes! Should be up around 8 AM tomorrow

Part 1 of what i imagine will be.... a very romantic play through. The video should be up around 8 am :)


i have a confession to make: romance detective taught me to love. people? no. kooky games with fun characters, great art, and a charming story? hell yes.

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