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i absolutely love this! i'm currently imagining Poffin sitting under the moonlight in the Spider Princess's lap while getting 3 hugs at a time (perks of multiple arms) and eating a sock.


i would date the prince moth he seems a lot like me dont ask 10/10 game

I like how all the characters look so innocent which makes them easy to fool, but not even the antagonist has any real malice which results in a pleasant story of friendship.

very good game but that's expected as NomNomNami did make this.


veri cute game and it had moths 10/10


Very cute! I love this little princess!


I've been a Poffin fan since Spooky Soirée and this was a short and sweet little Poffin snack to nibble, yay!


Although this game was short is was super CUTTEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!!1 

So adorble!!!

very adorable


This was sooo wholesome and sweet. ;-;


cute game, but a bit too simple for my liking. The story line was rather predictable and boring; though I can appreciate that the predicaility could've been a use of dramatic irony instead. That being said; the artsyle is to DIE for; SO CUTEEEE!!!

Music lowkey slaps too


Cute as a tech demo of sorts. I wouldn't mind a bigger game of it, but with maybe some more gameplay vehicles. xD Poffin is real cute. Even the spider girl is cute and I hate spiders and bugs for that matter. xD


another cute little game! i enjoyed it :3


this game is so cute!!!! i love the silly little moth guys :)

This is so adorable!

so cute!!!!!!!!

Very cool game i'm recommend

I love how the moth people speak and how it plays into the plot. I had fun!

Monísimo el juego, me ha gustado mucho.


I loved playing this game! It's perfectly cute and it fits in well with the rest of your games while also being fun to play! Thank you for the game Nami!

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Ah I see the brother is a man of culture as well. I do also want a sexy spider ruler lmao.

Edit: Just finished the game. It was just perfect. A tasty game-snack for the soul. Thank you!

The game doesn't work for me. When I start a new game it says "No save data found" :(


I had that problem too, you must use the interact button (z) rather than the enter button and it should work

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silly moth :)

also runs well on retroarch


i want to kill poffins parents so i can adopt her.

Is there any DS liteversion? The ROM doesn't fit mine :(

maybe polish?


This was an amazing game!, i loved the ending!, this game is so cute!!

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the game was actually fun so i made the art a bit smooth (made in procreate) i tried at least lol


omg this is so cute... thank you for sharing!!


hope u liked it! i hope there will be another sequel on the way..

Wonderful! very cute story :3

This is so cute! I love i


I had a good time and a good day thank you

A good game :)


This game is adorable and doesn't take up too much time! I haven't played a new game in forever and I was getting pretty bored so this game was nice to play for a bit :)


This was so nice to play, i like it!


this is one of the best things i ever seen




its good and keep going :D


Made a video

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