treat 7 progress update

it's been a while since mochi in frosting came out... the wait between each part used to be a lot shorter, but now it's been so long that i felt like i should put out an official progress update.

so here it is! in the form of a q&a!

- - -

Q: when will part 7 be released?

A: hopefully 2021! if nothing goes horribly wrong, definitely 2021...!

Q: how come there's not a more specific release date?

A: i tend to be more likely to finish projects that i don't pressure myself to adhere to strict deadlines for. when it comes down to it, i'm making these for fun, and not as a commercial product. i don't have a team behind the treat games (aside from volunteer testers+translators), it's just me... so it will be done when it's done, that's all i can say.

Q: why the long wait between parts 6 and 7?

A: in short, because of 2020. i'm burnt out as heck. but also... i really wanted to take a break to work on other projects before coming back to this one. i've spent most of this time focused on syrup 2 (which a bunch of treat characters will appear in!), and finally finished the demo for it last month. i expect my brain to get tired of thinking about the syrup cast soon, and switch back over to treat, at which point... i can finish making part 7!

Q: how far along is part 7 in development?

A: maybe 40%? the first big sections of the game are all scripted out and basically complete, except for music. most of the tiles and sprites are completed, but the illustrations are still rough. scripting the events takes a long time, because i write as i go (i know the plot already, it's just about making it happen!) so, yes... not quite halfway, but getting close.

Q: does it have a title? can we know it yet?

A: yes, the next game will be called Lucky Number Moxie. following the pattern of the previous games, moxie is the main character again.

Q: how much longer will this series go on? how many games total?

A: either 8 or 9! so we're almost there!!!! i haven't decided yet if i want part 8 to be trick+epilogue, or if i want the epilogue to be a standalone game. we'll see how i feel once i get there!

Q: what can i play in the meantime if more treat is such a long ways off :(

A: well... i have many other games on my page, so check them out if you haven't! treat made her debut in syrup and the ultimate sweet, so i'd recommend that one if you just want to see her again <3 i also have two other RPG maker games: drowning, drowning and KAIMA, just in case visual novels aren't your thing.

Q: where can i support you/how can i be the first to know when treat 7 is coming out?

A: i always release my games on patreon a day or so early! if you pledge any amount, you'll gain access to the syrup 2 demo as well... otherwise, you can always follow my twitter for general announcements.

- - -

if you have any other questions for me, feel free to leave a comment and i'll try to answer as soon as i can!

as always, thanks for your patience and support!!

<3 nami

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hey just wanted to say i love your games sososososo much!!!

Don't ask why, but I feel like someone should die on the final episode..

I'm now on number 6, this series is more enjoyable than any netflix show I have ever watched. Thank you for the entertainment and I hope the making of #7 goes well :)

I can't wait for it to come out.

So I have a question? is Treat dating both Moxie and Mochi or just Mochi? I ask because they mentioned having two girlfriends at some point but I thought we were just focussing on Treat and Mochi's relationship

the three of them are in a polyamorous relationship together :) sorry if that was unclear!

I'm excited for game seven, good luck on that! I haven't played the whole series yet, but I'm halfway through.

Thank you for all your amazing work.

ganbatty nami

I'll be looking forward to part 7! Good luck and stay safe!

Yo esperare con ansias y paciencia esta increíble parte 7, asi que tomate tu tiempo porque se que los trabajos que mas tardan en salir son los mejores.

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aaaa yess perfect, just what i need to keep myself going these days

sadly this must end at some point, i'm gonna enjoy every bit of it :)

As this series finishes, I wonder if you would continue to go further into the hidden lore (or not so hidden lore) about the [spoiler alert] how the humanoid animals came to be, where the "meat" is coming from, the practices of what the witches are doing that is not so known by the public. 

(if you look further into the game, there are some tidbits about that) but also i guess it can also remain as a mystery.


[spoilers (maybe)] i was thinking of having trick visit a meat-packing plant during part 8, so i'm glad there's interest in that...! i don't think i'll be able to answer everything, but i want to hint at enough that you get an idea of all the messed up stuff going on in the world haha. it's not the main focus, but i like writing that kind of stuff, so i put it in wherever i can!

OOOOh, interesting!


If the epilogue is like 1-5 mins or something, just add it do the same game. If its like pretty long than make it its own game. Really love your work and I can't wait to see more from you! Hope you are doing well! :D <3

so there will be only 2 or 3 more... I feel really sad (in the good way) about that, knowing that we are almost at the end of the 3 "friends" trip is sad, but everything have its end, I hope and belive that those 2 or 3 more parts will be as good or even better than the others, keep it up, we love your work!

Thanks for the update! I'm glad the ending is "near"... I mean it still will take a while, but I love when series I like have a ending and I can enjoy it! (as opposed to super long series, or series that get cancelled before they properly end...) I played the previous games one after the other and I'm hungry in that regard XD

Sending cheers! I'm hyped for the game but I also hope you don't have a hard time with it and enjoy creating it! Nothing good comes in a rush. And 2020 was definitely a hard year on everyone, so I totally understand the delay lol

Hey Nami, 2020 has been really long and exhausting for so many of us, and I am pretty sure all of your fans would understand if you need a break. Please, please take care of yourself. If you feel burnt out, don't force yourself! We'll always be here and as much as we care about your games, we care about you too. 

Take care of yourself!
Kind of sad to hear we're nearing the end. This has been my favourite video game series.


You can do it nami, do your best and take care of yourself.


GOOD LUCK!! You got this