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This game made me so happy, i've never found a game where i just loved the characters, and i had a connection to them. I just wish it was longer. i look forward to playing your other games. this one was pretty amazing

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I fucking LOVED this game and the way it made me feel. <3 Also, I found all the endings. I am very proud of myself! =D

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Nami this game was Amazing and it really touched my heart, this game had a positive affect on me and I am grateful for it. So thank you!

Game is Amazing

Nooooooooooo, only for windows D=

i'll be porting it to other systems at some point in the future :D

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I use winebottler for rpgmaker games because I play on a mac!

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So, does anyone have any hints on how to get the Secret Ending? I got all the other ones so far (True, Normal, Indifferent, Bad), but I can't figure out how to get the Secret Ending. I figure it has something to do with leaving Illi behind in the behind, but I just get instantly murdered by Vido if I try to do that... I suppose more exploration is in order.

Edit: Also, I'd definitely like to point out that this is a fun game. A bit short for my liking, but it was still an interesting experience. I especially like the cutesy art juxtaposed with all the death and cannibalism and whatnot. Great story, great characters, and, of course, great yuri... I suppose that last one's subjective, but I still liked the yuri even if it was a bit... murder-y.


If you want to get the Secret Ending, it is a secret path way at the beginning of the game, I will not tell you exactly where it is nor will I tell you what happens in it. Just know it is a secret path way in the beginning and you will be fine. OK!

Heh, I noticed that pathway the first time I played the game, but I messed up and hit a World-Eating Monster so I figured it wouldn't work... turns out it does though! Thanks for the help!

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Your welcome, to tell you the truth I didn't know about it until I looked it up in a video I had a lot of trouble finding it myself ;) so it doesn't matter. BUT... THERE IS ONE THING I'D LIKE TO ASK YOU..... Will you be my friend or not? Just so you know you don't have to be my friend if you don't what to.


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Yes you can! :) But the thing is I don't know how to friend people because I'm new. >:( So if you could do it for me I wound REALLY appreciate it. x)

This game is really different apart from your other games, in the leanguage, the Playstyle and "the Feeling"

But thats actually a Good thing i REALLY enjoyed the Games and have explored all the Endings (the Secret one was my first Ending :D)

I dont want to Spoil anything but that part before the "Good Ending" was really exciting.

Keep up the good work! :)

Another fun little game by Nami ^^

The art is amazing, as usual :) The story interested me the most, though. It's definitely a lot darker than your other titles, yet still retains the style and vibe I've come to expect from your games.

I dunno why I felt like being a critic today o.O I made a video featuring 2 of the 5 endings. Hope I did the game justice!

I absolutely LOVE this game

And when I saw this released I was the "happiest little s**t ever".

Good works,I'm quite experiencing something new on both sides (a new game and trying a new game just as it was released). I really love the artwork and the plot is really jumblaby-jamblabu to comprehend (such a way for me to say "hard to understand") myself but I'd rather not spoil the whole audience.

On top of it,it's really nice to see a game having multiple endings.

Because of your lonely wolf treat series I have decieded to try out a couple other of your games yesterday, And to my luck you have added a new game to my favourites section. Even though I loved the lonely wolf treat series, I really liked this game too. I had played it yesterday and today and so far I got 3 endings, The True Ending First, Then The Indefinate Ending, And Finally The Bad Ending (I thought that the bad ending was kinda anti-climactic but thats just my opinion and I don't know that much about rpg games anyway).

I was think if you could give me some tips about making a good rpg game. I have started one about a month ago but have made almost no progress so far. The reason why I haven't progressed yet is because I had trouble with making the sprites on paintool, and I haven't really have the time to think about what the game is about. I thought about drawing them on paper first and use them on my game, I also thought about this other idea. Maybe if I send the final copy of the images to you somehow so you (In your free time) could probably use your paintool sai to finalise them for me.

I also have another question about the lonely wolf treat series. Because this game came out yesterday and I have looked at how there is a pattern on how you release your games (kinda like a monthly thing) and I guess that your next game for the series is coming about in 1 or 2 months, quote me if im wrong. Just asking because I can't wait for it to come out!

Thanks for reading this, Sorry if it is too long for you to read and you get bored (I should stop writing XD). Hopefully you can read this in your spare time and reply to it, and I thank you for making this awesome game. Keep up with the good work! :3

glad you're enjoying my games!!

as for your own games, maybe you can stick to the premade assets rather than making everything unique? i'm not available to do them for you because honestly i don't have "free time" haha.

and, there are no plans for a sequel to KAIMA. the next few games i plan on releasing are visual novels! the next game in the treat series is planned for 2017.


Ok thanks for the tip Nami! I understand you don't have time and I respect that. Same as me, I don't have enough time to even work on it now because of exams, homework, assignments :O but soon I will get the time to do what I want. And hopefully for electives next year I can find one that is game making (I did that last year :D).

amazing game, I love all your work! the secret ending was the first one I got because I'm a rulebreaker like that ;)

I LOVE IT, it was a moving and beautifull journey. I really enjoy it. Now I'm searching more games that you (or your team) had made in the past. This was the very first game I played of yours and I love it. I will recommend this game to my friends :D. Really in love with your work. I hope this mesage cheers you up to keep doing what you love.

A grateful fan

thank you so much you're so kind...! ;o;

i have quite a few games out so i hope you enjoy those too <3 and more to come in the future of course!!

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Just finished the game in every routes and I gotta say that the story is awesome!! The story and characters are so unique and the art style is beautiful. Though I really want to know what will happen in the after-story part as well, would be very interesting. Thanks for a lovely game.

ey! I have played like 1'nd 1/2 hours, and, i only finished the "Happy ending" "Bad ending" and "Neutral ending" how i do to run the other 2 ? :,v

The charm of these RPG type games are exploration. Sorry, but I don't want to spoil that to anyone.

oh, it's okay ;v; -go to play another 2 hours :,v-

Oh! now i get all the endings, ah, thanks, i think?

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