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hi Nami-san what your program for make a game "Friendly Bunny Mochi"


rpg maker vx ace!

thank you > <

It's so cute!!!


I love how you've made your own shared universe between this series and SUS I look forward to your new content for both very much. Also I can't wait for another Romance Detective to come out. All your games and art is amazing


This has gotten so amazingly good! I'm so excited for the next part! Keep doing your amazing work.

Here's my playthrough of part 2.

Keep up the good work! The art is very cute as always, and I was really excited to learn more about the other characters.

I LOVED IT!! I will wait for more amazing stuff! Also Mochi is kinda like me :D!

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I'll give my complete thoughts when I will have finished the game, but I can already say that you stepped up your humor game, even though Lonely Wolf Treat already had some good chuckles^^ So far the game is very entertaining^^
(And for those who are interested, you find a link to my LP at the end of the comment)

Edit: Ok, now that I finished the LP, I gotta say I liked the sequel better than the first game (how many sequels can claim that?) It developed the plot in a way that makes sense, it was, as mentioned before, so funny. I mean, lonely Wolf Treat had some giggles and chuckles for me, but this was just awesomely funny :D And I really like the dialogues they feel so natural. The art of a short game is to make the reader believe in the relationships he had no chance to see develop and in the case of Juju and Mochi I can totally see where both of them are coming from and how their relationship works. Now to be fair the story itself is not a complicated one, but I personally love me some good, straightforward storytelling. So two thumbs up for the sequel! Can't wait for spring, whenever this season may start! :D

Edit Edit: By the way, did I ever say I love the art? Only like a thousand times? For the next part I'll bring a dictionary because I know in german why I like it (or at least one aspect of why I like it) but I have a hard time explaining it in English :D

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My Let's Play of Friendly Bunny Mochi :)

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